Start To Do Things Differently


For the past three weekends, I have been at conferences. First at Gold Coast with Eric Worre, second in Melbourne at Business in Heels, and Adelaide for the Media and Screenmakers conference. All of them were great with very different topics, but so good for all that I will need to be doing.

But, there is one thing that I have found over and over again. I often come home and don’t do anything else for them. I have lost count of the on-line programs that I have paid for and then not have done anything more. And they all would have been excellent for me to have taken part of-which is the reason I purchased in the beginning.

I say this because I think some of you find the same. And at times, if it is like me, I have forgotten the password or even forgotten the name of the program!

And so I now have started to do things differently.

And it has already been great even if I’ve just begun!

Eric Worre, Go Pro is one that I have taken great notes. I will type them up and put them on my Thrive Collective page for the group to also learn about what he is doing to help us. Also, I will put various comments in the group to further explain things. He also has given me some things that I have already started in my daily routine.

Business in Heels Conference gave me some great things to think about with each person who has spoken. I am going to do a few videos to put on Facebook to share.

Media and Screenwriters Conference had so many different aspects to talk about. And for this one, I am going to go back to doing YouTube much more regularly because that is the area that I believe I can do some great things with.

So when you get back home continue on with the great stuff!  Just write it up to share with people. Or find some things that you know you can do better and do them. Or connect with someone who might be the perfect person to partner with a project.  I think it’s so important for us to take time to go to conferences, networks and on-line courses.

To me, they are really a big part of what I can do next—as long as I do it!

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