Thrive Quarterly Resets

start your 2024 off with God at the centre...

Also learn FB Ad strategies that work!

God centred planning for you & your business

Registrations now open for feb!

If you’re feeling like you need some help with aligning yourself and your business with God and feel like you need a bit of a business reset, we have just the thing.

date: Thu 22nd Feb 2024

10 am to 3 pm – Sydney, NSW OR

USA: Wednesday 21st Feb 2024 – 5 pm to 10 pm – NASH, TN



Once Off

Includes access to only the next quarterly reset. No access to replays, our FB community or our directory.

Choose to pay in USD or AUD.

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Whose our guest speaker?

Jess Partridge

Jess is a digital and social media marketer based in Sydney and is the founder of JES Solution Marketing. Her team specialise in paid ads, including Facebook, Instagram & Google Ads, organic social media content and user-generated content. Over the last six years, Jess has worked with hundreds of service-based and e-commerce businesses throughout Australia and internationally.

When Jess isn’t running her business, you’ll find her socialising with friends, patting any dog she can get her hands on, and running her loungewear business Without Reason the Label that she started with her husband, Bryson. 

Jess will be taking us through a workshop teaching us about FB Ads strategies and implementation.

It’s like our membership, in-person conference and retreats came together and had a baby. The only thing that’s missing is the yummy food! But no one is stopping you from getting some of that ;).

This is a business reset where you’ll:

+ Complete a mini business focus workshop with an industry expert in marketing, PR, bookkeeping, brand and values.

+ Take part in some much-needed facilitated God time facilitated usually by SJ.

+ Take part in a business planning workshop facilitated by Megs.

You’ll leave feeling like:

+ You’ve had a reset and ready to go again in your biz.

+ Like you’ve learnt practical things that you’ve already started to implement in your biz.

+ Like you’ve been reunited with God and your whole soul will feel restored.

+ You’ve connected with some like-minded women and made some new friends.

+ You’re organised with an action plan of what you need to do in the next quarter of your biz.

All developed with God at the centre.

Janelle Keys

“Thanks for a great online workshop SJ! I’ve been pondering what additional income streams I could possibly add to my business and it was great to hear from your experience what worked and what didn’t. It’s really helped me narrow down a couple of options. I also loved the input from the other women in the group – it’s so helpful having feedback from others and brainstorming ideas together! Thanks again! :)”

These resets will be online

so you can join in from anywhere in the world, even your bed.
as long as you have a computer/laptop and the internet!

This is your CEO day - where you have permission to take time out and work on your business.

Debbie Hopper

“Over the years I’ve been apart of many business groups and had many business coaches. Recently I was impressed to search out for a bible-based women in business group, who put God first and taught how to trust in him rather than hustling or pushing your business. God led me to the Christian Women in Business Group and I signed up straight away.

SAVE THE DATE: 16th May 2024

10 am to 3 pm – SYDNEY, NSW TIME OR

USA: Wednesday 15th May – 6 pm to 11 pm – NASH, TN TIME

WORKSHOP: “PR Strategies for you and your business.” with Rachel Reva DeGiorgio


THEN STRAIGHT INTO: Facilitated God time, reflection & planning with SJ & Megs.

SAVE THE DATE: 15th August 2024

10 am to 3 pm – SYDNEY, NSW TIME OR

USA: Wednesday 14th August – 6:30 pm to 11:30 pm – NASH, TN TIME

WORKSHOP: “How to network & develop trust with someone you just met.” with Ellen Hardy


THEN STRAIGHT INTO: Facilitated God time, reflection & planning with SJ & Megs.

SAVE THE DATE: 14th November 2024

10 am to 3 pm – SYDNEY, NSW TIME OR

USA: Wednesday 13th August – 5 pm to 10 pm – NASH, TN TIME



THEN STRAIGHT INTO: Facilitated God time, reflection & planning with SJ & Megs.

Got some questions? Let us answer them for you...


10 am – Start and intros

10:30 am – Worksop/Mastercless

12 noon – Break

12:30 pm – God time & Planning (with breaks)

3 pm – Finish 


5 pm – Start & Intros

5:30 pm – Workshop/Masterclass

7 pm – Break

7:30 pm – God time & planning

10 pm – Finish


At this time, we will be taking a break in 2024 from our annual conference & in-person retreats.

This event is not included in our Freedom or Sisterhood Memberships. If you’re a Freedom or Sisterhood Member, you’ll need to upgrade your membership to an Enriched Member.

Yes! If you apply to become an Enriched Member, our Business Resets will be included in your membership.

All registrations for our Business Resets are none transferable and none-refundable.

We don’t care if you’re at the idea stage, have been in business for 20 years or you just want to be inspired. We invite all women to join in and reset herself up for the quarter ahead and learn from some AMAZING women.

We know not everyone will be joining in from Australia, so we want to make it as easy as possible for you to pay in a currency you feel comfortable in.

At the minute we will be using Zoom but have hopes to upgrade to what we’ve used in the past at our conferences for a greater experience.

Learn - From our business workshops/masterclasses.

Be strengthened – Receive much needed, dedicated God time to realign yourself with Him.

Be untied - Network with your business besties and meet like minded women in business.

Get orgainsed - God centred planning for you and your business to take you through each quarter.