#24 Spreading Kindness Through Business With Carrie Grace

Carrie Gracie is a believer of tossing kindness around like confetti.

Tell Your Story

Before The Kindness Box, she started another business where she sold hair bows. As a teacher, she was around children a lot and she did this as a hobby. A lot of women started coming to her site and so she added more products. This eventually evolved into TheKindnessBox as it is today.
In the last 4 years however, she’s been on more speaking engagements about kindness – in the business, workplace and collage campuses. She shares a lot of her story and how to cultivate more kindness to go around.
Carrie’s fulfilling journey involves being part of someone else’s story – their celebrations and happiness, their sadness, their coping with sickness – making what she does even more worthwhile.

5 Tips on your Craft

 1. Take the step even when you’re not ready
2. Reach out to people when you’re starting and as questions
3. Figure out how you can scale your business so you can keep moving forward
4. Having a mastermind or community around you so you are supported.
5. Don’t be afraid of putting yourself out there and putting collaborations together.

How do you incorporate God into your business?

She never intended to have a business, stepping into speaking, this was not her career path. God is the lamp post and guiding force. Sharing with other people, her business, and her personal life – everything that she’s doing –  is driven by her relationship with God.

Your bible verse for this season and why.

Be still and know that I am God. – Psalm 46:10
Carrie tends to be a doer so this is a helpful reminder to be still and know that God is always bigger than us. It’s good to refocus and be grateful and remind ourselves that He is The Rock.

Carrie Grace

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