#26 Business Women in the Bible with Deneen TB

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Deneen Troupe-Buitrago, is a Motivational Keynote Speaker; Trainer relieving the guilt from Faith-based Businesswomen by Linking Faith & Business. Her organization is called Grow From Your Overflow, LLC. She is a Development Strategist that connects you to Professional, Personal, and Spiritual growth opportunities through Speaking, Workshops, Online Courses, plus, one-on-one consulting and coaching. 

Some areas of expertise include Developing Goals, Writing Action Steps and Time Management as well as personal areas such as Developing New Habits, Procrastination and Presentation Skills. She weaves everything she does with Faith and has created the Personalized Faith Plan for your success in Faith Business.

Her background in Education mixed with her experience in Drama gives her a unique Speaking style that is truly a ‘hands-on’ experience. By linking all of it to her Faith, she has combined all the best parts of her life to give back and serving others.

Her Story

Having been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis added a layer of challenge in doing the things she was passionate about. After quitting a teaching job after just two weeks, she cried out to God and His answer was go into the direct selling business. She didn’t she waited months before finally heeding God’s word.

This started her on the path she is now, the things she learned in the direct selling business of selling to women and working with other business women from all walks of life. This experience opened her heart to women and discovered that she really liked working with women. That, coupled with her passion to teach was what God wanted for her all along – to work with business women, to listen to their hearts, to ease their guilt based on their own view of how a Christian woman should be in the world of business. Deneen helps women see that while you’re serving in your Christian community, your business can also be your service to God.

Business Women in the Bible

Deneen has also been doing research on 11 women in the Bible plus the Proverbs 31 woman and in this podcast, we go over some amazing women from the bible:

Each woman has a principle in their business and that’s where we are focusing on today.

Eve – God has a plan for my business. She didn’t have a mentor, mother etc. She had to directly work with Adam and God. She was designed to come along and help and work with Adam. It’s not about doing work separate of God’s purpose for you, it’s doing your work because you are called to do it.

Esther – Step up and do what He wants us to be. Under threat, she does not make plans on her own or make a to-do list, she leads her people to prayer and goes to God and asks “what do we do?” Then she serves a banquet and works on the King’s curiosity allowing her people the chance to protect themselves against the edict that means death to them. Esther’s story teaches us how to be royalty in the market place, to be who we are – we are God’s royal Kings and Priests (1 Peter). Being true to who we are in the market place allows us to do things in alignment with God’s purpose for us being in here in the first place.

Lydia – It’s ok to make money. When Paul meets her, she was already a believer. At the time, there were not enough men to build a synagogue, so she was down by the river working while also worshiping with other women – combining her work and her faith. When Paul came along, she invites him to her home and the church actually starts from her home. She never apologized for making money and for being in business – because she was in business, because she earned money and had a big enough house – it allowed many others to be saved.

Priscilla – The importance of supportive relationships. She and her husband were partners with Paul, they made tents and she appears to be the relationship building type based on how Paul refers to her often in the Bible. In business, it is important to build these kinds of relationships, be friends with other like-minded individuals, share your story and give and receive support. We see this constantly with Priscilla, she moved from town to town, speaking about God and mentoring. Her story also reminds us that although as a Christian woman in business, we may be pursuing our passions and building relationships, to remember that relationships with family and our husbands are just as important. Bring them into our business lives, they don’t have to be business partners, still, we should be united as a couple and strive to be closer together like Priscilla and Aquila instead of being driven apart.

More on Deneen’s New Book

Deneen have now released her book and you can grab yours from Deneen’s website >> or Amazon >> if you’d like to read it on Kindle.

Deneen Troupe-Buitrago

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