3 Things I Learned From The Kingdom Business Summit

The KBS is hosted by Wez Hone from Business Green House and can I just say is THE best free business summit you’ll ever go to!

It’s a 2 day summit that consists of God, practical business tips and a chance to meet other Christian entrepreneurs and business owners. They are held in Sydney, Goldcoast, Perth, Melbourne and from 2018 Adelaide.

I attended last year and it was amazing and this year was even better!

So I thought I would share with you the top 3 things I learned this year.

  1. Take dominion…
  2. Be a good steward of everything that God gives you.
  3. Don’t despise the day of small beginnings.

Great time meeting these lovely ladies in the KBS

Let’s look at these in a little more depth.

Take dominion…

There’s a devil out there who doesn’t like God & his saints. We have massive targets on our back and when we step into the marketplace to make money for the Kingdom, that target becomes even bigger.

Praise God He sent his only Son down to earth to give us authority and then passed it down to us :-D. We have authority, we have a voice. Speak goodness into your business and tell anything bad to leave it in the Name of Jesus.

Be a good steward of EVERYTHING God gives you…

 That’s not just with money but everything in your business. Be good stewards when someone hurts you, offends you or tips you off. Pray for blessings over their lives and let God do the judging.

 Be kind and inspiring to your staff and make sure you pay them.

 Pay your invoices before the due date.

 Watch out for comparison of your competitors.

God knows your heart, He’s given us massive responsibility with our businesses. We have to take responsibility for when things go wrong and be good stewards of what God gives us.

Don’t despise the day of small beginnings…

Everyone starts somewhere. Everyone is on a journey and learning every single day.  Do not feel bad for driving the crappy car or for living in a modest house. God has called you to bigger things than that.

If you can be trusted with the small things God will trust you with the bigger things and it will keep growing as you learn and as God molds you into the person you’re destined to be.

It was so hard to pick just three things that I learnt from the whole two days. Now I want to give you practical things you can do for each point.

  1. Pray before you start your day for God to go before you and for the devil to leave. (You can do this before any meetings, events, launches etc.)
  2. Look at your business now and ask yourself if you’re being a good steward in every area and ask God to show you where you need to improve.
  3. Write down each week 3 things that you are thankful for and praise God for them.

Looking forward to seeing you at next year’s Summit.

For more info on the Summit click here.


SJ xx

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