SJ was asked to speak at The Deborah Conference in November but instead God had different plans.  And so SJ has turned her talk into a podcast. 


Have you ever felt like you didn’t belong? 

Where was it and how did it make you feel? 

Society has taught us from a young age that if we don’t fit into our surroundings then we’re weird and don’t fit in at all. How times have changed.  There was the industrial age, which moved into Mass Production.  Marketers tried to create products and sell them to the masses.

Take a look at the different ages and how they were marketed:

Industrial – Newspapers 

Industrial/Mass Production – Newspapers and Radios 

Mass Production – Radio/TV (few channels) 

Information – Radio/TV/AUSTAR 

Tribal Age – Radio/TV 100’s Channels/ YouTube/ Social Media. 


Back in the Industrial/ Mass Production age of marketing to the masses they put people into 4 categories: 

Mass – Everyone 

Normal – Everyone who isn’t weird (“The Jones”) 

Weird – Everyone who isn’t normal (or who doesn’t just follow the masses) 

Rich – People who have a choice 

Because of the change in advertising, TV ads are no longer engaging and the masses on the 3 channels are now spread over hundreds of channels or on social media in their own group of weirdness. FB has created a culture of groups, communities and tribes. Marketing to the crowds has gone, now we must market to the weird.  For the record: The weird aren’t loners, they’re not alone. They are weird because they’ve gone from the comfort and efficiency of mass and instead they’re forming smaller groups, groups where weirdness is actually expected.  

The key element of being weird is this: You insist in making a choice. 

In your business are you marketing to the masses or are you marketing to the weird? For your business to survive in todays world it’s important you learn how to stop marketing to the masses and create your own community of weird. 

At CWIB we’ve created a community that the “normal” might find weird but those who are in it find it normal. It’s not about marketing to the mass but marketing to your weird and that itself will build your community. 

Great example of this is a lady in our community who has a business that build horse carts. It’s a great business and has a great opportunity to build a community around of people who love horses and loves taking them to shows. 

We’ve also invited another lady from out community to come on the podcast and share what she is getting out of building a community that expresses her weird. 

Now we’re going to look into your business and work out your weird so you can make other people feel normal. Within your business, what is the weird about you and what you do? How can you embrace your weird to your market so when you share your message, other weird people understand you and can relate to your weirdness? What is it you can promote or share within your community that allows people to open up about their weirdness? 

Don’t try to be all things to all people in your business. 

Be something important to a few. 


Have you heard?  We’ve designed a conference on the 17th Feb that’s for women who love God and love business?  We’d love to invite you to come and join in the fun!  For more info, click this link.

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