HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!  This year we tell the devil, no not today!!!!  

Our intakes are open for the first time this year!!!!  WOOHOOO!!! 

So let’s talk about how to conquer fears in a Godly way as you enter 2018!!!   

1.Do it sacred! 

Have we got news for you! 

We did 2017 so scared!!! Like freakily scared, we may have looked brave and powerful on the outside but trust us from speaking at the launch day, to welcoming our first member, we did everything scared!!!! 

But we stepped out with confidence that if God wanted this to happen it would, we stepped of the edge of that cliff and God caught us! 

We have also had lots of members in our community be inspired by the spirit of doing it scared.  You just have to; God needs you to take that step in faith and trust Him. 

Yes fears come up.  Don’t give yourself time to question yourself and what you’re doing.  You’ve heard of the phrase, “Feel the fear and do it anyway!”  

That’s basically what you have to do.  

2.Command the devil to kneel! 

Ephesians 6:16 

 16 In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one.  

Literally tell the devil, “No not today.” I love that song by Hillsong! 

You have the authority with god living in your to go and tell the devil where to go.  You’re doing this business in 2018 whether he likes it or not and he doesn’t have any ground in your land to step on, he can’t even float in it.  It’s your for the taking which God has given you.  

Don’t let the devil into your land.  It’s yours to sow goodness into, not his. 

3.Spend more time with God  

Matthew 6:33  

33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. 

4.Focus on how you’re blessing others with what you’re doing, make it about them, not about you. 

5.Build up slowly and steadily so you can support your business and your business can support you.  You can keep up with growth.    

Building God’s way is the smart way and His timing is perfect so trust that timing.    

Do all you can and let God do the rest. 

Let’s Pray:    

Lord we lift up 2018 to you, and all those fears, we commit them to you Lord and we tell the devil no not today, not this year! Fear is to leave right now in the name of Jesus and go to where God wants it to go and never to return.  Give women courage to do things in their businesses when they feel scared Lord, give them God authority and God courage, God confidence.  

This is not a year of fear, but a year of rising! Rising up to be all that you called us to be in our businesses. 

A year of new land being found, a year of planting, a year or sowing and taking authority over what is ours! 

We thank you for the opportunities that you bring before us, even if they scare us!  

And we thank you for all the healing that is to come for the women going out their and facing their fears.  

In your precious name Jesus, Amen!  

Don’t forget intakes are open, don’t face this year alone.  We invite you to join of movement of women in business, facing fears with God at our side!  To find out more information about our membership visit www.christianwomeninbusiness.com.au hit Join. 

Remember a portion of your investment goes towards kingdom missions and towards our discipleship programs, including our wonderful magazine that’s up for grabs!  

We’re sharing the love of Jesus to women in business through words.  

Have a blessed day! 

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