This is our second to last week in January, we hope you’ve been enjoying the podcasts, we’ve enjoyed making them you.  

We’d love to hear what you’ve learnt so far in January from them.  Feel free to message us on FB or Insta and share with us what you’ve learnt. 

For this podcast we would love to say a prayer for you. 

We are so thankful for you, we are thankful for all that you’re doing in your businesses and so we want to bless you digitally laying hands on your business. 

Father God,  

We come to you today and give thanks for all our listeners, where ever they are in the world. 

We thank you that you have asked them to step in to the market place. 

Thank you for all you have done in their businesses already and for what you’re going to do. 

Thank you for their health and their health in 2018, that you will protect their bodies and the bodies of their families, that you’ll pass on wisdom of who to look after themselves in 2018 so it will be a year of fullness and nutrition. 

Thank you so much for the customers you trusted them with in 2017 and for the customers to come in 2018, we ask that you will prepare the right customers each business needs, that they will pay the right amount and in full.  

We thank you for all the bills you paid for in 2017, and pray that all the bills in 2018 will be paid in full.  That you’ll provide the money when we need it to pay what we need to pay, that we will have enough money to pay taxes! 

We thank you for the profit we made in 2017, and pay that 2018 we will make double or triple that according to your will.  

That you will guide us and provide us with the right knowledge and wisdom we need to make more money and that we can be abundantly blessed so we can bless others. 

We pray that you’ll amplify all of our marketing, we ask for you to put around us the right people we need just at the right time, that we will be able to learn from them or get the support we need from them Lord.  

I pray that you will keep us accountable to show integrity, kindness, diligence and favor. 

Keep us humble, ever seeking you God.  Thank you that we get to serve you in our businesses, may 2018 be a year for kingdom businesses to rise.  

In Jesus name we pray, Amen. 

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