#69 How To Breathe Life Into Your Business

This podcast is all about the power of the tongue. We underestimate how words affect our lives. How is this relevant to our businesses?

God’s word brings life.  How can we align ourselves with God so we can be the example of Jesus the best way we can? How can we be the breath of life into the people around us?

Words kill, words give life;they’re either poison or fruit—you choose.  Proverbs 18:21 MSG

Take a look at your own thoughts, your own mindset, the words that come out of your mouth – do they bring life into other people or you are putting poison into their life? Are you breathing life into people or are you sucking the life out of them?

SJ shares 3 things that summarize what Proverbs 18:21 says:

1. Always put people first. Never the project, always the people.
2. Never bad mouth, you partner. Never talk badly over other’s lives.
3. Never talk bad about anyone who is doing bad against you.

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Do you choose to put poison in your business or do you want to bring life to them? Even when you have bitterness against someone, do we want to bring poison or fruit into their life? Is what’s coming out of your mouth from your heart? Does your heart need a little Jesus watering and some healing? Do your words heal or hurt?

As for the one who is weak in faith, welcome him, but not to quarrel over opinions.  Romans 14:1 ESV

How do you approach people when you don’t agree with their opinions? Can you let your opinion go? Can you word it in a way that it brings life and not death?

A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion.  Proverbs 18:2 

Let this be a challenge for us to be a breath of fresh air with Jesus in us over people’s lives, over businesses, over suppliers, over customers, over clients.

God tells us in His Word that the tongue has incredible power. We can use our tongue to bring blessings and life or curses and death. Our tongues can be the most difficult to control and leave us with great regret if we use our words to hurt. There is hope! The Bible tells us that with the help of the Holy Spirit we can have power and control over our tongue.

Founder Sarah-Jane Meeson was given a word to inspire women. Since then, Sarah-Jane dreamed about how she could inspire women and unite them together. She knew it was going to be for God and she knew she had a passion for business and just to see people thrive and be all that they can be: no matter what past they’ve had, no matter how much money or where they come from. It’s about them being the best person they can be for God and to help share their story of how God has worked through their life and business.

After chatting with a girlfriend and sitting on the idea for a while, God kept prompting her heart to bring this movement of women together. After some time, Sarah-Jane knew what she needed to do; she bit the bullet and now here it is. Christian Women in Business – a movement of Christian women pushing forward for God in their businesses … and it’s great!

Sarah-Jane xo

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