#89 Don’t Give Away Your Farm

Lori Nordstrom is a lifelong entrepreneur. Starting her own business at the age of 16, she has gone through the ups and downs, a changing market landscape, and all seasons of living the entrepreneur lifestyle. Lori now works with Christian women, coaching them on a path to reach their goals of keeping God first, family second and building a business to support their priorities, dreams and the calling that God has for them.

Lori’s 5 Tips:

  1. You have to plan to plan. Create time to plan, even if you’re a few years ahead.
  2. Don’t be tempted to give the farm away. Know your value and what you’re worth, don’t give things away for free, don’t compare your value of someone else, know what’s the right price for you.
  3. Don’t think you need brick and mortar to have a business. It’s ok to work from home. Whether you have a studio or not, that doesn’t make you a “legit” business owner. Have 6 months put aside for all expenses before you move in to make sure you’re covered.
  4. Don’t hire people without job descriptions so people know what they need to do.
  5. Checklist of legalities – register your business name, make sure your set up to pay taxes correctly.

Her bible verse for this season:

John 1:16 – Out of his fullness we have all received grace in place of grace already given.

Lori Nordstrom

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