Blessed to Own a Business

We hope you’ve taken a minute to reflect on this truth today.

God trusts you with your business. He has prepared you and only you for the task at your hand. 🙌🏻 When you’re blessed to be in business, you have an opportunity to bless others who interact with your business or who are in business, too!

But business, as big of a blessing as it is, comes with its challenges. The blessing always outweighs the challenges though, doesn’t it? Keep that thought running through your mind when things get tough and watch the blessings multiply. 👍🏻

Much love,
Team CWIB xx

Exodus 35:35 (NIV) He has filled them with skill to do all kinds of work as engravers, designers, embroiderers in blue, purple and scarlet yarn and fine linen, and weavers—all of them skilled workers and designers.

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