Why is Building a Loyal Community Important as an Entrepreneur?

To comprehend why building a community is important as an entrepreneur, one must understand what a community is and its benefits.

A community is a combination of individuals that have banded together to offer support, guidance, inspiration, motivation and a safe place to create and cultivate a life and business that they’ll adore.

As entrepreneurs, we all experience many ebbs and flows within our business. In fact, some say it’s one heck of a roller coaster ride and let’s be honest, being an entrepreneur puts you into a whole different league than others. You are unique. You’re going against the status quo in pursuit of your dreams by utilizing your God-given talents. You are a rare unicorn that has embarked on a journey that most are afraid to take. Own it. Embrace it. Because YOU my dear are in a league of your own.

And because you are pushing the envelope a bit by stepping outside of the little box that others may have placed you in, you’re likely going to feel alone. Perhaps you already do. One of the shortcomings of entrepreneurship is that the journey can be quite lonely; which is why building a loyal community is vital to the success of your business.

To fully grasp the importance of building a loyal community, let’s explore the benefits:

  • A community is an exclusive and supportive community full of like-minded individuals that are on the same or similar journey as you that offers support, guidance and an opportunity to connect with others. Jim Rohn said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Who is in your circle of influence?
  • A community offers support so that its members never feel alone while on the entrepreneurial journey as it creates a sense of “family” for its members.
  • A community is a place where it’s members can network with other entrepreneurs, utilize each their strengths, bounce around ideas and gather feedback from their peers to propel their business forward.
  • A community offers a place where it’s members can showcase their skills, experience, and expertise to expand their network and grow their communities.
  • A community offers a place to collaborate and connect with others to co-create some magic together by cross promoting each other’s businesses to increase growth.
  • A community is full of prospects and clients that know, like and trust you that will talk about your products or services, provide free testimonials, do market research for you and talk you up like you’re the Queen!
  • A community that is full of like-minded individuals will enable its members to create and cultivate an experience with their prospects, peers, and colleagues that’ll allow others to experience massive growth within their business.

Moreover, building a community has multiple benefits not only for you but its members and having a community that knows, likes, and trusts you will help you expand your client base, share your message and the big vision that you have for your business. You’ll be able to showcase precisely your skills, experience, and expertise while powerfully serving its members and making an impact.

Also, a community enables you to position yourself as an authority figure, a leader and an expert within your industry. You’ll get insanely visible, attract leads, sign new clients with ease, make sales and create a thriving and profitable business.

As you can you see, creating a community is a win-win situation overall!

Share in the comments below, what is your favorite benefit of creating a community for your business? How has a community helped your business experience growth?

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Kayla Brissi

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