Chase Your God-Sized Dream with these 3 Healthy Hacks

Most people say we’re crazy. My hubby and I have three kids, two business, one full time job (where I work for a boss), one charity, five students, a dog, a cat, a marriage and a big house. So you can probably imagine a little chaos goes on from time to time.

Ok, a lot. There’s a lot of chaos. But famously put, there’s method in my madness.

Sometimes there are days when things fall into place. We manage to get the kids to school on time (without forgetting anything), get bills paid, study, get healthy meals on the table, and even squeeze in a good night kiss.

There are also some days where everything falls apart and I just want to go hide in bed.

As I said, they call us crazy. And they’re right… at least they would be if I was trying to do this alone.

But here’s the thing. I’m chasing a lion. You heard me right, a lion. *

Let me tell you about one of my heroes. There was a man in the bible by the name of Benaiah. He was one of David’s mighty men, he also went on to be counselor to Solomon and leader of his army. In 1 Chronicles 11 a few short words describe how Benaiah went against his natural instincts and chased a lion. That’s pretty intense. But what’s more he chased the lion into a pit on a snowy day… and killed it!

That just blows me away. It takes guts to chase a lion. It also takes guts to chase a dream that’s bigger than us. A God-sized dream.

What dream has God given you? What lion are you chasing?

Just being a woman in business while running a home and all the other amazing things you do is an achievement. It’s a big dream. A God-sized dream. And the great thing is we’re not chasing this dream alone.

Proverbs 16:3 has a beautiful gem of promise for us chasing a dream.

Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.

Commit your day, that email, that schedule or meeting, and even your routine to God and He will take care of your plans! He will order your steps!

Now that’s a promise!

For me I take that promise and apply it to my family life. I need our routine to work for me not against me and as it’s my passion (and my dream!) to help women build a healthy life so they can achieve their dreams, I can’t do this alone. I need God to help establish my plans… Especially in my crazy house.

As a nutritionist I believe nutrition is core to helping me (and my family) chase our lions! Metaphorically speaking, of course. If I don’t first take care of myself I can’t be there for others. And I bet you can’t either. This brings me to the foundational plan I have in place to ensure I eat as well as possible as often as possible. I believe these can help you too.

  1. We eat simply. Although they say variety is the spice of life, it’s also time consuming and expensive. We have a dozen or so easy and quick recipes that we rotate. Then every now and then we’ll add a few new fresh recipes to keep things interesting.
  2. We cook bulk meals. Our slow cooker gets a workout all year round then those dishes are frozen in single servings for our really busy days. These have been a lifesaver and saves us from late night trips to fast food joints.
  3. Real food supplement. Some days I’m flat out so instead of skipping meals I make superfood smoothies. I don’t keep to a recipe but what I do add is real fruit, baby spinach, and a high quality food supplement. This allows me to still get a nutrient boost while keeping to my busy schedule.

These are just some of the simple tools we use to maintain a little method in our madness while we go about chasing our God dream. And they’re simple to implement in your life too.

Remember if you’re in business, God chose you and when you dedicate your world to Him, He will establish your plans!

Tammy Sooveere

*To read more about being a lion chaser I highly recommend ‘Chase the Lion’ by Mark Batterson.


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