Dead fish? Failed Idea? Lesson learned.

Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

That’s a quote from Napoleon Hill in the book ‘Think and Grow Rich’.

THINK…and grow rich.

The riches part is not only about money, it’s always about your mental, physical and spiritual life. Being rich in all things.

But to get there you must THINK.

It’s like Proverbs 23:7 says “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he”.

The way you THINK is going to make or break you.

The power of intention, the power of IDEAS.

And then beyond the ideas, to believe in the idea’s capacity. That’s the only way you’re going to move towards its achievement.

Of course, some ideas just don’t come together but maybe it’s not so much an issue with the idea as the outworking of it.

For example, my brother and I gave my sister fish for Christmas one year. The next morning, I woke up to find little fish skeletons on the bench top, only to realise that the 15 little black fish and been swallowed up by the Goldfish. The idea was nice, but the outcome revealed some flaws (not to mention dead fish).

Another example might be Christian Women in Business.

From the mind of one person (in this case Sarah-Jane Meeson) into an international organisation, where you and I have connected into the same idea in some capacity. But someone had an idea, believed in it… and achieved it.

Think of the idea that led to the creation of the radio or the mobile phone.

Someone had an idea that there were sound waves, and that we could grab that energy and listen to it. Use it.

I’m sure when they first brought out this idea they were ridiculed, laughed at, mocked.

And yet now, a baby can pick up a phone and accidentally call Norway for a chat.

You can’t see how it happens; you only know it does.

What is totally beyond our knowledge, our experience, our perception of truth… is nonetheless real.

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Your opinion is not truth.  Man could not walk on the moon when the idea when first came, it was inconceivable, a pipe dream, right until it was done for real.  But it was outside of people’s experience, and opinion.

Sometimes your ideas are going to come out ‘nowhere’. They might even be mocked or misunderstood.  And this is where YOU have developed yourself so that you can believe.

Ideas come with enormous potential, capacity – to not only change YOU and your life, but to also impact and influence others.

I’d put it to you that just like the sound waves, ideas are around us, in the universe God has created.  He is not religious, he’s not stuffy. He is creative and wanting you to connect to the idea that will maximise your potential.

But it means you have to THINK… to receive the idea…and to believe.

Do you value your ideas? Are you intentional about your THINKING or are you stuck in your own perception of truth, past experiences or limited perspective of the world?

We often avoid dealing with our own limiting beliefs, so we keep having them. Somehow, we stay stuck in the avoidance of potential failure. But your future calls you to make decisions. Future based decisions from where you want to be.

And where does confidence come from to do it? It develops from a commitment to do it again and again. The more action you take the more faith in yourself you develop.

The discomfort will never really go away so resolve within yourself to commit to the decision to trust God, stir yourself up in your ideas and get used to what decision and commitment feels like.

2020 has been a challenging year all over the globe but I put to you it is still a year of enormous capacity, potential and achievement – if you can conceive it, believe it… and do something with it. Make space for the thinking. Protect the space of that thinking. Write it out, say it out loud, remind yourself. Let your heart think big about who you are and what is possible!

And just as a heads up, when you get that idea to call up and say ‘hey lets have coffee and cake, or chocolate…’ THAT is a good idea.  You should believe it.  So we can achieve it.

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Sharryn Ludlow

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