Faith is Our Weapon

A song of ascents.
I lift up my eyes to the mountains— where does my help come from?
My help comes from the Lord,  the Maker of heaven and earth.

Psalm 121:1-2

Today’s post will be interactive, so I would love you to take this opportunity to give yourself some quiet time, perhaps even make yourself a cuppa and relax into your comfy spot. Now first, breathe, pray to the Lord to bless you during this time and give you peace as you move forward today.

Firstly, let’s take a moment to be real. This Covid-19 thing takes a bit of getting used to. In the last week I’ve been scrambling to wrap my head around the enormity of it, the restrictions on our movement, association and the huge changes that take place daily.

I’m not immune to the hurt and the heartache, but I do have a secret weapon. You also, sitting there with your hot cup of tea (herbal or otherwise) or coffee have access to this secret weapon as well.

While our businesses may be slow (or not because you’re on fire with ideas), busy with kids (or not because this season of your life means that you’re waiting for a child, or your children have grown and moved out) or simply trying to not eat every last Tim Tam in your cupboard; we all have access to this incredible tool that will help us through this unprecedented time.

And that weapon is faith.

We talk about it with our friends, we sing about it in worship, we declare it over our loved ones and situations and we boldly express it to others.

In moments like this and throughout many other times in our lives, we are called to exercise it.

Now what does that look like?

For you it might be having faith that God’s got this, that it’s all in His hands, it might be diving into scripture and being inspired by the faith of the saints, it may be having faith in your eternity with Jesus and not allowing this time to define you; because we are sojourners passing through.

I want to encourage you today that our faith and how we respond in difficulties may be just what someone else needs to get them through.

So take a moment now and think about your loved ones and how the way you walk through adversity encourages and uplifts them. Our faith in God declares our trust in Him to not only ourselves but also those around us.

Of course, this doesn’t mean we won’t have moments of vulnerability and where we don’t cry for those hurting, for our families and for no longer being able to hug others. Ultimately though our faith in our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ is shown in how we react to life’s trials.

I remember distinctly a number of years ago after my husband and I walked away from a five year adoption journey (without having brought home a child) that something remarkable happened that tested my faith and ultimately encouraged my friend in his.

A number of years ago I was faced with an exceptionally difficult situation that seemed so bizarre I wouldn’t have believed it myself had I not lived through it. I never knew anything like this could happen and ultimately it meant that for a brief moment I believed I would become a mum after years of infertillity and walking away from a five year adoption journey. However it was not to be. The situation was heartbreaking and I was unsure of how to navigate these waters, except to cling to God.

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I remember questioning why this situation happened and what good could come out of it. I know God is merciful and faithful, this situation seemed to have no meaning and yet I believed in God’s goodness. Ultimately as His child, I understood that God was in control. I couldn’t see the big picture, nor did I understand what had taken place, but ultimately, I knew with every fibre of my being that the Lord is in control. Nothing is beyond His care and attention.

Rather than becoming angry at God for the loss and the pain, I leaned into Him and clung to Him in the storm. Oceans by Hillsong became my theme song and I was clinging onto faith in my Father’s goodness in this season.

Why do I mention this story and what does it have to do with Covid-19? Not much, you might think. Except that in this, one of the toughest times in my life, my Christian friend was watching. He told me months later that he had been considering walking away from his faith in God. He was going through a difficult time and it was becoming overwhelming. My friend gently told me one day after all this had happened, that seeing the way I navigated through this time with gratitude and hope, never wavering in faith, and trusting in God’s sovereignty, strengthened his faith and as a result, he chose to continue his walk with God.

I had no idea. I was in my own little world, how could I know that my faith gave him the strength to carry on believing? If and if only for the faith of my friend, this difficult time in my life is now seen as a precious reminder of the value of faith and of hope. That in our own trials, others can draw strength if we stay focused on our ultimate and Living Hope.

So sister, in this time when the world is hurting, when hundreds of thousands of people are losing their jobs and we hear news reports daily of people losing their lives. Hold onto hope, have faith that God is with you and trust that He is watching over you.

What the enemy intended for evil, God can use for good.

Take a moment now, perhaps get out a pen and paper and consider these questions.

How can I declare God’s faithfulness over my life, family, loved ones and business, even when this moment looks difficult?

In what ways can I speak life into others lives, encouraging them and supporting them in this season?

What tools are at my disposal (including my secret weapon;faith) to encourage others who are hurting at this time?

How has God used adversity in the lives of apostles, disciples and faithful Christians to bring goodness out of difficulty?

Who has God put on my heart to reach out to and bless during this self isolation and social distancing time? What creative ways can I show love to others?

How can my testimony uplift others during this time and in the future?

You never know who’s watching.

Finally sisters, breathe, pray, enjoy your cup of tea or coffee and feel free to eat that last Tim Tam.

God bless beautiful, please reach out to one another in this season.

Love, Becci.

One last word; open your Bible and read Psalm 91 aloud. Play some gorgeous worship music, breathe in God’s goodness, be present and intentional. Read God’s Word aloud and continue to seek Him in His precious Word and in prayer.

For His Word is a lamp for our feet and a light for our path.

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