What to Do When You Feel Out of Alignment Due to Growth

Are you experiencing some growing pains?

Maybe you’re even resisting the urge to make the changes you know you need to make due to fear. Fear of change, failure, success or the unknown.

Comfort and growth cannot cohabitate. When you experience growth, it can be quite uncomfortable. Naturally, your brain tries to protect you, so it sweet talks you into playing small and staying in your comfort zone. However, nothing significant ever happens while inside your comfort zone!

If you’re resisting the urge to make some changes due to growth you very well may be experiencing some unusual circumstances in your business; such as:

  • attracting the wrong type of clients
  • stagnant sales
  • mindset troubles
  • problems in your relationships
  • nothing seems to be going right

Can you relate? What you resist will always persist! Stop resisting the changes and embrace the growing pains of growth.

How can you get back into alignment when you are experiencing growing pains?


When you’re hustling hard rather than showing yourself some grace, it’s time to take a step back and focus on YOU. Give yourself permission to take time off so that you can unwind, loosen up and refocus.

Trying to force something to work is like trying to fit a square shaped object into a round hole. It’s not going to work! You’ll end up more frustrated, overwhelmed, and ready to quit rather than feeling empowered to keep moving forward.

Therefore, show yourself some grace. Take some time off and do something for nice for yourself. Practice some self-care. Take a hot bath, get a mani or pedi, devote more time to connecting with God. Whatever your heart desires, do it!

Now is the time to unplug and de-stress. Stop working so hard and start focusing on taking better care of you because hot mess does not equal success!


When you take your glorious day off for yourself do something fun! Be a kid again and go out in the world to explore what it has to offer. Grinding day in and out in the same place isn’t much fun. Therefore, take a few minutes to explore a new area of town. Go to the park, sit by the water, go to a painting class. Do something that will be exciting and that will reignite the spark!

The moment you forget about your worries, stress, or frustrations and be present by enjoying life is the very moment you should get a hint of inspiration or have a moment of clarity. Here’s the thing, you need both to get unstuck and have a breakthrough to move forward without feeling out of alignment.

Additionally, a lot of times when we’re resisting change due to growth we’re staying complacent in our life and business, and as a result, we’re usually bored. Business becomes stagnant and your life feels like you’re on a hamster wheel day in and day out. You’re no longer inspired, you’re board, and you’re comfortable.

Do you want to be bored and settling for less than you desire? I doubt it!

Put yourself out there! Step outside of your comfort zone, push the envelope a bit and do something exhilarating to reignite the passion and spark in your life and business. Do something that excites but scares the heck out of you at the same time!


When the going gets tough, and you feel out of alignment, ask yourself this – Have I been doing my daily mindset practice? Be honest, and I bet you haven’t been.

It seems that when we are in the valley of our sorrows trying to figure out why everything appears to be working against us, our mindset practice takes a back seat. We try to force everything in desperation to make it work when in reality we just need to take a step back, ask God for guidance, and trust that he will work everything out.

Your mindset work can be prayer, meditation and journal writing. Speaking of journal writing, it is an important part of your mindset work. As you do your prayer and meditation, God will usually whisper something to you, and if you listen closely enough, you can hear what he says. It may not always be clear as a bell or make perfect sense, but you want to write it down in a safe place so that you can come back to it when you’re ready.

As you work through your journal to track your thoughts, feelings, progress, ideas, and more you want to dig deep into finding more clarity around what it is that God is calling you to do. You know you’re destined for greatness, and you know you have been resisting growth, but why?

Try journaling through these questions to start percolating some ideas:

  • Why are you resisting change and growth?
  • What’s stopping you from moving forward?
  • What are you so afraid of?
  • What could be the worst possible thing that could happen?
  • What could be the best possible thing that could happen?
  • How will this experience of growth benefit your life and business?
  • How will it feel to have the big breakthrough and no longer feel stuck like a caged animal?

As you work through the thought provoking journal prompts pay attention to words or phrases that stand out to you. These words or phrases are clues to help you move forward and get you back in alignment.

At some point, you have to get comfortable with the uncomfortable, learn how to recognize when you’re out of alignment and how to get yourself unstuck by having a monumental breakthrough by following these simple three steps to get you back in alignment.

Share in the comments below: What has been your biggest breakdown due to a misalignment that has become your greatest breakthrough?

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Kayla Brissi

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