For Everything God Created is Good

Dear sweet lady,

I’m guessing it’s been a rough day. Maybe rough is a little strong, maybe hectic is more fitting.

Maybe you are just about to fall into bed, and just having a quick scroll through your facebook to wind down.

Maybe you are feeling a little flat, like nothing is working. Nothing is feeling…what’s the word?……good.

Everything is feeling hard, and a bit like you are pushing a stone that just won’t move.

But sweet lady, here’s the thing.

You are created by an everlasting God. He doesn’t make mistakes. You, with all your flaws and shortcomings and insecurities are still a good work of the Lord our God.

So go to Him, tell him your worries, your fears and your doubts. Tell him that you are scared and worn out and just feeling like things are not as you think they should be.
Allow Him to renew your spirit and show you all the things that He has put in your life that are good.

For everything that God created is Good.

Much love
Team CWIB xx

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