It’s not about self-confidence, it’s about God-confidence.

We have not been created to live in our own strength.  The way of this world is to discover your own strength.  Self-confident people are lauded as role models for others to emulate.  Yes, God has created you with unique gifts, talents, abilities, interests and desires.  You have a uniqueness the world needs.  You need to discover your uniqueness and live boldly in who you are.

However, your true uniqueness as a created being can only be truly discovered in communion with your Creator.  Your God-given strength can only be revealed in relationship with God.  As you surrender yourself to Him, you shift from depending on your own strength to His; your own wisdom to His; your own resources to His.

There is only one way to live in God-confidence: surrender to Him.  Not your will, but His.  Not your desires, but His.  Not your wisdom, but His.  Not your life, but His.  Not your plans, but His.

If you are feeling like your life is crumbling it may be that the Master Builder is calling you to surrender to Him.  He is inviting you to discover His confidence.  He is offering you a trade – self-confidence for God-confidence. {Wholeheartedmen}

Proverbs 14:26 ESV
In the fear of the Lord one has strong confidence, and his children will have a refuge.

Much love,

Team CWIB xx

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