How to Download Your Facebook Live Video

How to Download Your Facebook Live Video

We’ve all seen marketers and people use FB Live and share content with their audiences. What happens when we you’ve recorded the video? Do you just leave it to sit in the land of your FB page only for it to never be seen again or do you make the most out of the content you’ve just made?

At CWIB we try and make the most out of every piece of content we put out into the world and the beautiful thing about FB Lives are you can download them and put them on YouTube then embed them on your website (which hopefully you own) for your website visitors to watch.

Here is a quick video to show you how to download your video from FB. We will then go through, what we do after we’ve recorded a live and other cool stuff you can do with your content. (Remember you need to do this on a laptop not a mobile device)

So you’ve downloaded your video. What’s next?

If you want to edit it, get it to look professional by putting a intro/outro of your branding. We use ScreenFlow on our Apple Macs to edit our videos and podcasts.

And then we simply upload this to YouTube or Vimeo. And embed it on our website.

If you’re super keen. You could even get the video transcribed so you’ve got original fresh copy to go on your website which Google LOVES.

We hope you found this video useful.

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