#87 Part 2 – How To Hear The Voice of God When You’re Flat Out Busy

Welcome to episode number 87 of the Christian Women in Business Podcast Show!

Living in the Kingdom of God, does that mean even in the busy times we should feel rested? We will be exploring more about that shortly.

Before we get into the meat!

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Let’s chew on some meat.

Last week, I shared with you about Hearing the Voice of God when you’re flat out busy… We looked at Psalm 91 and how if you declare that your dwelling is in the house of God then we need not worry about things and we can rest in the Kingdom knowing God has got us.

Living in the Kingdom of God, does that mean even in the busy times we should feel rested?

I didn’t want to put any other pressure on you last week by sharing 5 tips you should be doing to hear God’s voice, because when you’re flat out busy, the last thing you want is something else on your plate.

Therefore, this week I’m not going to give you anything else to do either, but I am going to ask you some questions and get you thinking…

You see, God has taken me on a journey of just this, learning to hear the voice of God and stay rested in Him even when my calendar is full.

What I have learnt and still learning is, it’s not about what you have in your calendar, or what you have on your “To Do” list, it’s about your attitude and where your heart lies when you’re in the midst of flat out to whether you will hear the voice of God or not.

I would like to share with you two attitudes that I have found myself having, that have given me two different results.

When I came back from my time away in Canada, coming back was one of the hardest things (mentally) I have ever had to go through, it hit me like a massive brick wall. I knew I had to give myself sometime from when we got back to when life started “happening” again but I didn’t get how much I was going to need that.

When I came back from Canada, I hit the biggest wall! I think tiredness of all the driving we did (3,500kms in 2 weeks) followed by jetlag, some other stresses and spoonful of reality hit and knocked me off my feet and I wasn’t expecting it. Even my husband couldn’t believe how hard I hit Australian soil and crashed.

I was fighting depression, anxiety and a whole fold of emotional baggage. (there is a point behind this story so bear with me).

I didn’t know what to do with myself, and from there my calendar has slowing building up again, it’s taken me four weeks to get back into the swing of things and that thing that I held onto was that bible verse Psalm 91.

I felt dry, alone, like God was a million miles away, my heart felt bland. I was taking myself to the destinations I needed to go and doing the things I needed to do, but I was empty and couldn’t feel the Holy Spirit inside me.

The extra content that I was putting out beyond what God had asked me to do wasn’t being fruitful and everything felt hard.

Maybe this is how you’re feeling in the midst of your business? Everything is really hard, Christ feels like a million miles away and you’re longing to hear His sweet voice.

Attitude Number 2

Before I went away my calendar was fuller than what it has been since I’ve been back. Yet, my attitude was different. Before I left my attitude was, I am only here to do what Jesus has asked me to do, it’s ok to say no to things that don’t fit that and only stuff that God had told me to do and I can rest in Him knowing that Christ is looking after everything while I rest and I will do the everyday things, look after my sheep and let God handle the rest.

As I was driving from place to place, I did it in an attitude of His rest, I am resting in God even though my calendar is full. It’s up to Him how things work out and I am operating in a Kingdom mindset not an earthly one.

Do you see the difference? The attitude in the first story is, I am flat out busy and doing things that I think I need to do, that is hurting me more than anything, I am doing what I need to get done, what God has asked me to do and I am here in the moment, keeping my eyes on Jesus. I haven’t stopped working, but I am doing work from a place or rest and not stress.

The Holy Spirit gave me a big kick up the bum and I’ve got myself back in the “Resting”, “Kingdom”.

Suddenly, once I came over to the place of rest, things started to move again without me doing any extra, people started applying for the membership, TAG enquiries started to come in again, it was a change in my attitude and heart and I was then open to what Holy spirit had to say, not from my calendar being less full, but the attitude I have.

So, I have some questions for you…

Are you operating out of earthly busyness and stress or in rest? 

Where is your heart at?   

What are you doing that’s extra on top of what God has asked you to do? 

Is there anything in your life that you are over complicating or that is unnecessary?

You have my permission to let go of the unnecessary.

You have my permission to say no to what you need to say no to.

You have my permission to enter that place of rest, to get your eyes back on Christ and dwell in His Kingdom.

The Kingdom that is so different to earth. See what happens when you do this, when you realign yourself with God and put your eyes back on Him. Flat out busy, what even is flat out busy?

Let’s pray…

Founder Sarah-Jane Meeson was given a word to inspire women. Since then, Sarah-Jane dreamed about how she could inspire women and unite them together. She knew it was going to be for God and she knew she had a passion for business and just to see people thrive and be all that they can be: no matter what past they’ve had, no matter how much money or where they come from. It’s about them being the best person they can be for God and to help share their story of how God has worked through their life and business.

After chatting with a girlfriend and sitting on the idea for a while, God kept prompting her heart to bring this movement of women together. After some time, Sarah-Jane knew what she needed to do; she bit the bullet and now here it is. Christian Women in Business – a movement of Christian women pushing forward for God in their businesses … and it’s great!

Sarah-Jane xo

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