How To Increase Your Personal Capacity

My inspiration today is about how you can increase your personal capacity. I’d like to explain that concept by using a cup and a bucket; if you have a cup full of capacity but wanted a bucket full of resource, there’s no way you could contain a bucket full of resource into your cup full of capacity.

I believe that it happens this way, as taught by Eddie Windsor: if your abilities + your resource + your stewardship are increased, it automatically equals increased capacity. Let’s just go through those three things one by one…

Firstly, your abilities. You can increase your abilities, such as your knowledge, your skills, your gifting. What is your gifting?

For me, it was property. I know property, I’ve learnt a lot about property, I’ve got skills in that area. I’ve now got over forty years of experience in dealing with purchasing property including where to look and what to do. Because I’ve invested in educating myself in that area.

Where could you educate yourself to up-skill your ability? Everybody’s got a gift, and I’d like to encourage you to start learning and  educating yourself. Be a student for life in the area of your passion! You can increase your abilities.

Secondly, your resource. If you look after your resource, ask yourself “How much money do I have? How much equity do I have? What are my assets?” Your resource right now is, in other words, your capital, your wealth, your reserves, your revenues. Whatever that is, that is your resource right now.

Finally, your stewardship. This is how careful you are with your current resource or how you care for what you’ve already got in your hand and how you nurture the abilities that you’ve already got. This is important because this does influence your mindset toward money.

If you increase your skill, your knowledge base, your ability, and you increase your resources, even if it’s just one step at a time, and your stewarding that very well, then a bucket-load of blessing can come your way.

Preparation always proceeds opportunity and promotion.

If you’re prepared and an opportunity comes, you can move.

If you’re spending more than you earn now, what are you going to do when millions are going through your hands? We have to be able to up-skill ourselves and increase our ability. When we do that and we’re stewarding very well, everything we’ve got, both our abilities and our resource, increased capacity will automatically follow.

I began my journey of wealth creation passionately 16 years ago. I figured out that I was very passionate about property, that I had an ability to see a good deal and that property was something that I understood. After all these years I’ve stayed passionate and educated myself in regard to property.

That’s my encouragement to you today my Money Mindset Movers; let’s increase our ability, let’s increase our resource, let’s increase our stewardship and increase our capacity so that we can carry a bucket-load full of blessing and fit it into a much greater increase in your capacity!

“When your abilities and your resources are given proper stewardship, an increased capacity naturally follow.” – Eddie Windsor

Today’s reading:

“’For the kingdom of heaven is like a man traveling to a far country, who called his own servants and delivered his goods to them. And to one he gave five talents, to another two, and to another one, to each according to his own ability…’”  Matthew 25:14-15 NKJV

Mindset to move: I am a student for life

Ask yourself: What abilities do you have that you could put to work?

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Janet Grace Schier

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