Interrupted God Time

Hey Busy lady… Do you run a business?  Are you an entrepreneur? Are you a busy mother? or ALL of these combined?! How do you find the space in a busy schedule to have time with God?

And when you do get time… what does it look like?

Are you an early riser, who sits in the still of the morning with a hot cup of tea and the Word, or are you a walker & talker, who communicates with God out in the open fresh air. Maybe you are a late night bed sitter with bibles and books spread all over the place…or maybe like you are so busy, that you are happy to grab snippets of conversation with God while doing the dishes or driving the car.

God made us with so much capacity. The capacity to run businesses, the capacity to be a busy wife, mother or grandmother. The capacity to be involved in ministry while doing all these other parts of life as well.

Oh, Darling One… He also made us with the capacity to hear HIS VOICE in the midst of chaos.

Just read Proverbs 31…

Now don’t roll your eyes at me… Yes, the Proverbs 31 Woman is amazing. You could easily allow yourself to be intimidated by her OR you can look at her and understand that God made women with a larger capacity and heart than we know.

And if God made us with the ability to multi-task in so many different areas, showing compassion, kindness, ingenuity and shrewdness in business all at the same time… then He also knew that there would be busy times in which our quiet times would be filled with interruptions, whether that be physical interruptions of babies and toddlers or the interruptions of a busy mind inbox or appointment book.

Sarah-Jane touched on this in the 6 Week Bible Study Challenge. Talking about finding Jesus in the eye of the storm. The still quiet place in the midst of swirling crazy madness. Your eye of the storm might be an hour of quiet or it might literally be 5 minutes in between phone calls where you take a deep breath, still your mind and give it all to God. Thanking Him for who He is and inviting Him in to bring peace in the midst of chaos.

You can’t always find a quiet space – but you can always find a quiet mind – with Jesus at the centre.

Let God interrupt you today!


Even when things don’t go to plan and in the midst of noise, I will search for you. I will seek your face and render my heart bare before you. Piece by piece, I will lay my shortcomings and misgivings at your feet.

Instead, you push them aside, get down on your knees, as would a parent of a toddler, you take my face in your hands and look in my eyes. You tell me that you love me. You tell me that you’ve been waiting for me and that you have so much for me. That you will find me in the midst of busy… all I need to do is listen…listen in the quiet eye of the storm. Your eyes linger on mine, searching my soul, looking for that spark, and the seed of love returned. Yet even if you don’t find it, you love me still. You loved me always and will love me forever…

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