Let God Interrupt… Even On A Work Day!

Today, I’m sitting here at my desk… trying to work, but instead, I’m stuck in the presence of Jesus. Wow… what an interruption to my day.  I know that whatever I’m working on will be done quicker and better when I finally get to it than it would be should I try to persist right now.

So, instead, I down tools… I sit, and I soak. I draw it all in. I give my time to the One who calls me from the deep. The One who wants a piece of me in the midst of a business day. 

How amazing is that the One who created everything still has the time and the want to draw me to into Him, on an ordinary Thursday morning. …… 

I can remember specific poignant times of my life in which Jesus called to me in such a way that it etched a memory in my heart.

Even recalling these moments brings with it emotion and feelings of awe. 

The first time was as a teenager, on summer holidays at the beach. We were staying in an apartment with views of the beach. It was around midnight. I was the only one awake. I sat upright on my knees on the top bunk bed; the warm, gentle breeze was blowing my hair, the moon was shining bright, I could smell and even taste the salt air of the waves that were crashing in the moonlit distance…… I could feel the tangible presence of God. 

I could feel the power of his love. I could feel every part of me being covered by His Love.

A love so strong, that I knew, that I knew, that I knew I was His. I knew then that I would remember this moment forever…. and I can shut my eyes and be right back there.

The second time was while I was driving on a warm sunny day. I remember the car it was; I remember the exact spot that I was on the road… a road that I still travel often.  The sun was on my skin, the breeze was warm, and I was singing and worshipping… the moment struck again…. my heart was so whole and so warm. I had tears running down my face… just in awe of the love… the power of the love… the love of God.  

That He would come to me and spend time with me and envelope me in such a way that I could not, would not, not ever want to escape. I pulled over and sat in His presence until my time was called away by school pick up. 

Do you remember a time that God pulled at your heart like that? A time that he showed up and just spent time with you.  If you don’t, right now, I want you to take the time to ask God to invade your space… ask Him to show up and shower you with His love. But be prepared, that when you do this… He WILL show up!  

In a moment that you might not think is perfect…. but I guarantee you that if you give in to that moment and spend that deep, deep precious time with Him… you’ll never be the same again.

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Megan Horsfall

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