Let’s Chat About Confidence

Let’s chat about confidence today. As Christian women, what kind of confidence should we exude?

Too often I have met beautiful Christian women who lack confidence. I don’t mean worldly self-confidence or self-promoting. But I do mean the kind of confidence a woman who is deeply rooted in Jesus displays to the world.

When asked to describe something you like about yourself, are you able to? When asked this question in a crowd of Christian women once the response astounded me. Many women admitted that they were unable to think of one thing. It may be that we are not wanting to draw attention to ourselves, perhaps we are being humble, or fearful of being perceived as over confident and arrogant. 

But I was very troubled by this. I wondered how Jesus might feel, seeing the women He cherished and loved so dearly enough to die for – feeling so incredibly small that they could not even share one thing they liked about themselves.

When I thought about what I liked about myself, I was reminded by Paul’s declaration; His power is made perfect in my weakness so I WILL BOAST about what Jesus has done in my life. I’m a great mother, wife and friend because of HIM not myself. 

I can especially love the parts of myself which He has transformed, the parts that display His goodness, faithfulness and gentle heart which was willing to swoop in and help me fix my mess.

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The bible says that we can be confident in our hope of salvation. The best kind of confidence to have is the confidence to trust Jesus to do what He says He will do. He will advocate to the Father on our behalf, He will give us His Spirit so we can be transformed into His likeness. 

We can laugh without fear of the future, because our confidence rests in Jesus alone.

So, sweet friend. Don’t make what Jesus has done in your life seem less to appear more humble. We can confidently boast about who He is and what He has done in our lives. 

His transforming presence is a powerful testimony to others, it puts His glory on display and helps others to see their desperate need for Him in their own lives.

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