Referral Methods, Tips for Networking as an Introvert & Live videos – Live Q&A with SJ

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Let’s move on to our questions for today…

Do u think incentive schemes for referrals are necessary or do clients generally want to recommend their friends/family just because they received good service and want their people to receive the same? – Jen

I think it depends on what it is you sell and who your market is.

For example, internet marketers use affiliate links a lot to help sell their products and services. But because they’re online, it makes it a lot easier for them to track who referred them. For those who don’t know what affiliates or affiliate links are…

We’ve tried to use affiliate links with CWIB but for us it didn’t really work.

However, we, as a service-based business that are offline, have found that what does work is at Christmas time, buying the person who is a good referrer a gift, a big gift, to say thank you for all the clients they’ve referred to you, and that you appreciate them.

Being on the other end of being an affiliate myself, I have software that we use in CWIB that do and don’t have affiliate programs. I personally advertise both, because I believe in the software and how much it’s helped my business. If they have an affiliate link that’s great & I have used that affiliate money to go towards things in the business. But a lot of time, I will just refer people to people because they have done a fantastic job, not because I can make money out of it or because I expect money back for referring them.

Do you have any tips for networking as an introvert? I run a product based business from my home which requires long hours, often by myself. I know networking is a vital part of building a flourishing business but find it stressful and very tiring and feel like when I finally have time to do it, it’s the last thing I want to do!From Amy 

Yes, I am an introvert, too. I try and think of more strategic ways of networking that don’t involve me needing to take the day off after because I am so tired.

I join online networks like CWIB.

I go to conferences alone most of the time so in the breaks if I need to I can go on a walk.

I show up late for conferences and go and sit at the back.

I have a podcast show so I can meet people without having to leave home!

How do you get the CWIB logo in the corner of your FB live recording? Do you have a setting that puts it there automatically or do you edit it in afterwards?  Thanks x From Kym 

We have only just started going FB Lives routinely. For our Weekly Business Devotionals in the community they have been recorded and when we edit them, we pop the logo on.

There are software’s you can use while you’re doing your lives that do allow you to do this, I can’t think of the names of them now, but if you Google FB live branded videos or if you’re listening & you know of a program that can help you with this please pop it in the comments.

From the lives we do make, I download them straight after and if I want to add them to YouTube and it doesn’t need that much editing I will just pop the logo on myself in ScreenFlow (explain what ScreenFlow is) and then pop it on YouTube or get the team to do it and create a podcast out of it, like we’re doing with these lives.

I am a huge fan of making sure you’re using every single bit of content you make work the most for you, so if you can download your lives, pop them on YouTube and create podcasts out of them then do it!!!

It will serve you well. Plus, if anything ever happens to FB or your page is closed down it doesn’t matter because you have the video on your website which you control

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