New season & 2023 conference dates

We are excited to announce that we have a brand-new conference date for 2023.

We wanted to update you as we have changed the month of the conference … exciting and fresh new times!

You will notice that after last year’s conference, we didn’t release the new date straight away.

We needed time to rest and refresh.

We laid our conference at God’s feet and we really felt to move the time of year in which we hold it. Our annual conference for 2023 will be held in September.

There are quite a few reasons for this shift, but one of which was allowing time for the plans for the coming year to be actioned prior to the start of the year, rather than feeling like you are catching up in March. New plans made and ideas birthed at conference will be ready to go before the new year starts.


A new season ahead…

After coming away from our first full retreat, and gaining clarity from God, we are looking at holding seasonal business retreats on top of our normal annual conference. These will be held in Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.
We have found that the space we created in our retreat this weekend allowed for deeper, more intimate time with Jesus. It was so restorative.

A small gathering also gave us the space for the practical planning sessions where we gained clarity in our businesses, as well as spiritual healing and lots of prayer time.

Retreats come with fewer demands on the backend, allowing us to have more of them throughout the year.
Giving space for women to reset in different seasons, when it’s right for them.

CWIB is moving into a more intimate season with how we serve and create spaces for women like yourself who run and own businesses.

We have changed the name of our events and instead of using the word event, we are going to call them spaces. We have recognised that the theme throughout every event we have done is create space.

Space to connect with Jesus.

A space to gain clarity for the months ahead.

Space for the Holy Spirit to attend & do His thing.

Space to be with like-minded women, to realign yourself and your business with God.

Space to reset.

Moving forward, we want to invite you into the different safe spaces we’ve made available for you.

We have prayed deeply about the above and we have complete peace and wait in anticipation of what is ahead when women step into these spaces filled with the love of God.

The communication is going out this week throughout our community, and you will see some changes in our content moving forward.

We have fresh vision & clarity from God that we know will serve you better.

I look forward to sharing the dates and location of our summer intimate retreat in the coming months which will be around the end of Feb.

The dates to pop into your calendar for the conference in 2023 are the 9th & 10th of September.

All our love from us to you.

SJ & Team CWIB xx

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