In 2017 we launched our membership/community, launched our podcast, launched our magazine and we’re now on the way to celebrating our first birthday party, AKA the CWIB Community Conference.

We estimate that we’ve now encouraged and inspired over 20,000 women across the globe through our different platforms and this number is growing on a daily basis! We couldn’t be more humbled by how God has truly supported the vision He gave us in 2018 and we’re not planning on slowing down.

So now that we’ve set up the foundation of CWIB in 2017, what are we going to do in 2018 to help and support you in your business?


We’re thrilled that we now have over 100 beautiful business owners in our membership.  Who are growing their businesses and are loving aligning their businesses with God!  We’ve completed four successful intakes and we can only see this growing even more in 2018.

What other things do we have planned within our Membership?

Business Socials – We’ve worked hard over 2017 to set up the different Business Social locations throughout Australia, with thanks to all our amazing volunteers who help run these events. Later this year we’ve also put in place a state and a national social coordinator to help with the new Business Social locations going into 2018.

We have a vision to keep these Business Socials intimate small groups so we’re able to pray and everyone has an opportunity to talk and to problem solve.

We’ve also made improvements to the structure of the Business Socials and have created topics to talk about each month that should align with what we’re studying in the Academy so you’ll have time to chat through what you’re learning.  We will be rolling this out in 2018.

We’re now praying for more ladies in our membership to step up as Business Social Volunteers to run them in locations we have members. If you’re interested in starting a local Business Social please get in contact with us by email at hello@christianwomeninbusiness.com.au

Academy – Each quarter we try and release a new online workshop to help you in your business. The workshops that we have planned for 2018 will be marketing focused. We will split the marketing over 2 to 3 different workshops. These will be in video, audio and workbook formats.

Our first quarter workshop will be recordings from our first conference all about developing your network and community to help grow your business.

Online Community – We have a theme for the year for our online community and that is:  ‘Keep It Intimate’ we want to help each of you get to know one another.  We will continue with our weekly devotionals and having something for you to interact which each day to help you share your awesomery with the group.

Accountability Partners into Triplets – We thought we’d change it up a bit this year and change our AP’s into triplets so you’re not just being kept accountable but you also have two other women praying and meeting with you to share more wisdom and help support one and other.

Retreat – You asked for it and we’re planning it.  We’d love to create a weekend where you can come and be filled with the Spirit and work on your business.  Thanks to the famous footy game that we shall not talk of, we’ll be spending a weekend in the beautiful Alexandra Heads Conference Centre, QLD.  This will be a CWIB member’s only retreat.  There will be worship, prayer and small workshops to help you work on your business (instead of in it) for the weekend.  Leaving you feeling restored, reconnected and ready to keep going with your business.


We launched our podcast in March 2017 to help share the stories of wonderful women in business like yourself and it’s reached over 10,000 awesome women all over the world.

In 2018, we will be changing our podcast up a bit, focusing on mini-series and you’ll be hearing more words from our Founder.  Helping to inspire and encourage you on a weekly basis whether you’re on the move or working from home.

If you have any topics or subjects you would like us to talk about or discuss feel free to email them to hello@christianwomeninbusiness.com.au.

Blog Posts:

We have talented writers in our membership, that carry great wisdom.  They will continue sharing their wisdom on a fortnightly basis throughout 2018.  Feel free to comment and say hello to our Blog Authors after you’ve read their posts, they’d love to hear from you.


Wow, what a blessing this has been to so many women.  In September 2017 we had the pleasure of launching our very first digital magazine!

We will be releasing three magazines throughout 2018 and our topics will follow those in the Academy, so you’ll definitely become a marketing pro in your business throughout 2018.

God told us to release our words into the world to help inspire as many women as we could.  We encourage you to make some ‘you’ time when each issue comes out, make a cup of tea or a coffee (even better, go to a coffee shop) and enjoy some time with God, allowing goodness into your soul as you read through each magazines pages.

Each current issue will be free of charge and any past issues will be available on our website.

Again, if you have any topics you’d like to learn about or for us to discuss please email them to hello@christianwomeninbusiness.com.au.


As you’ve already heard/read, we’re throwing a birthday party to mark our first year of business; we want to celebrate YOU. We’ve turned this party into a conference and this will be the start of many more to come… God has put on our hearts to run an annual conference for you to come worship, learn and be refreshed in your business.

In 2018 we will be learning all about community (you can read more about CWIBCC18 here) and believe it or not, we’ve already started planning for 2019!  God has been prompting and sharing with us the speakers, topics and theme’s He wants us to learn about for 2019 so keep the weekend Saturday 16th Feb 2019 free in your diary. More information about that to come.

So, there you have it. Our 2018 in a nut shell!  We’re so looking forward to seeing where 2018 takes you and your business. God has a great sense of humour and who knows where the next year may take us all, but we pray that it will be a blessed one for you and that God opens up great opportunities for you and your business.

Encourage, Strengthen and Unite. Grace Over Grind. It’s all about God.

SJ x

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