Planning A New Website in the Next 12 Months? 4 Things to Start Thinking About Now

All business websites need a redesign every few years. There are several reasons for that, some of them being:

  • To keep your website from looking outdated and irrelevant
  • The website designed for your business 2-3 years ago may not accurately reflect your business of today
  • Your business has grown and elevated, and your website doesn’t match that same level
  • Your website isn’t reaching and converting the customers you desire
  • You’re embarrassed by your website
  • You need more functionality

Every business should be prepared and planning for a new website design every 2-3 years (3-4 years at most). If this is you within the next 12 months, here are some things you should start thinking about and planning for now.

  1. Branding

If there’s any chance you need to revisit your branding, do so. This is particularly true if you’re coming out of your first couple of years of business. Things change a lot in the first couple of years of business when you’re still figuring out your niche and ideal clients. And quite often that first logo you have, was done on the cheap. If it’s time to redo your branding, take the time to start investigating it now. Poorly defined branding and low-quality logos will hinder the success and effectiveness of a new website.

  1. Photography

You’ll want fresh, professional photos to go on your new site. Your visitors will want to see something new. While you can use stock photos for some aspects of a website, you’ll need good photos of yourself, your team, and your products. Make sure your photographer is familiar with taking photos for websites, as it’s a bit different to taking portrait photos. You’ll need photos that will work with the fluid design that websites must have today because they’re being accessed from a variety of screen sizes – from phones to large, wide-screen monitors.

3.  Content Writing by an SEO trained Copywriter

If you want your new site to be found by your ideal clients and customers, capture their attention, and convince them to spend money with you, then you’ll want your content written by a SEO specialist. Writing for websites is very different to general copywriting. Your copywriter should be trained and experienced in writing for websites, and know how to determine and incorporate the key words that will help your website rank on search engines.

    4.  Talk with your Web Designer/Developer early

A good Web Designer/Developer or Web Agency will help you through the entire process. Some can do the above inhouse, otherwise they’ll be able to refer you to someone. They should look at your entire business and help you plan for a website that not only looks amazing, but will meet your business needs. You should feel comfortable with them as you’ll be working with them a lot, and confident that they can deliver what you need.


Designing and building a new website doesn’t happen overnight – not if you want a website that accurately reflects your business, is easy and intuitive to use, and will help you grow your business. All good service providers are going to have waiting lists. So even if you’re just thinking about a new website in the next 12 months, start the conversations now. It will make the process a lot easier and help ensure a pleasing result in the end.

Need a new website in the next 12 months? Book in a free strategy call with Helen so you can start planning.

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Helen Wakefield is an Online Business Strategist and founder of Impressence Web Studios. She has worked in the IT industry for more than twenty years, and building websites for even longer. Before going into her own business, she worked as an IT Support Manager, Business Analyst and also worked in Business Intelligence. After more than ten years living and working in Sydney, she returned to regional NSW where she lives with her husband and three children.

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