Prophetic Word for 2022 with Lorellee Colley

Did you want to start your year well? Have a listen to this week’s podcast where Lorellee Colley shares prophetic words!  Truly a blessing. 

Did you know that at each conference we have a prophetic session? As we have a mixture of all different denominations at our conference, some people might be a little bit put off by them.

But let me tell you, you have nothing to fear. The whole Old Testament is in fact is prophetic. Prophesying about Jesus.

We look at some of the beautiful Psalms that David wrote about the days leading up to Jesus’s resurrection. It’s mind-blowing.

We find this session to be inspiring for business owners who long to please God and hear what He has to say. Don’t be surprised if things are brought up that aren’t necessarily business-related ;-).

At our 2022 conference, Lorellee will not only be doing a prophetic session but will also be taking us through a session on Abrahams’s Blessings.

We can’t wait to share these sessions with you!

You can grab your ticket here:

Lorellee Colley

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