Q&A’s About Conference – Time For You To Have Some God Time

In this podcast, SJ answers all the questions you might have about our conference and retreat on the 26th & 27 Feb — now it’s our “At Home” Edition.

If you haven’t already seen, we’ve put a few videos out there on Reels, YouTube and on our FB page sharing the virtual platform, how easy it is to use and connect with others just like at a normal conference.

Just in case 👇 Some things you might be worried about…

1. Sitting in the same spot all weekend – We’ve designed the weekend to have plenty of breaks and long lunch breaks to make sure you have a chance to move around throughout the weekend.

All our conferences be it, in-person or virtual we have always allowed for plenty of breaks and long lunches so you have time to connect with the other ladies, give time to process the sessions before, AND for you to move around.

2. Worried Virtual Won’t have the same feel – We can assure you that we have done our best and worked very hard with each speaker and session to make sure you’re getting the same “feel” that our unique business conferences have.

Each session will be VERY interactive, making you think about your own business, and get you to connect with those on your table.
If you are worried about anything else or have other questions, please pop them in the comments and I (SJ) will make sure they’re all answered.

We will be hosting a “Pre-session” time on the Thursday night before conference at 6:30 pm Brisbane time to give everyone who is worried a chance to login to the platform and get set up so you’re not panicking on the Saturday morning.

HOWEVER – We will be there at 8 am on the Saturday with our virtual volunteers ready and waiting to make sure you can access everything and to help you settle in.

Please feel free to pop your questions in the comments and we will answer them for you or email us at sj@christianwomen.com 🙂

You don’t have to be a member to join us! Replays will be available to everyone whose registered about three weeks after conference weekend.

REGISTER THROUGH THIS LINK: https://christianwomen.com/annual-conference/ 

Rego’s close 18th Feb ❤ Conference is on 26th & 27th Feb 2022. Session times are 9am to 3pm Brisbane QLD time.

Founder Sarah-Jane Meeson was given a word to inspire women. Since then, Sarah-Jane dreamed about how she could inspire women and unite them together. She knew it was going to be for God and she knew she had a passion for business and just to see people thrive and be all that they can be: no matter what past they’ve had, no matter how much money or where they come from. It’s about them being the best person they can be for God and to help share their story of how God has worked through their life and business.

After chatting with a girlfriend and sitting on the idea for a while, God kept prompting her heart to bring this movement of women together. After some time, Sarah-Jane knew what she needed to do; she bit the bullet and now here it is. Christian Women in Business – a movement of Christian women pushing forward for God in their businesses … and it’s great!

Sarah-Jane xo

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