Question and Answer with our March Lady of The Month

For the month of March, our Lady of The Month was Tammy Sooveere. 

We’ve asked Tammy some questions to share her wisdom and advice.

Here is a little bit about Tammy:

I’m a mum of three and a wife to one. I’ve always had a passion for good health (back before it was cool or even social media worthy, actually before social media even existed) and I love helping people get well. I received my bachelor in Nutritional Medicine in 2009 and have been working with people even since. Despite loving people and sharing the message of good health I discovered that I don’t love clinic work as much as I loved social media, pubic speaking and working with other like minded practitioners. As my business struggled to gain the income I needed to work from home (in order to spend as much time with my family) I spent hours and hours learning about websites, blogs, video and all things small business. I decided to make this interest official last year by beginning my Masters in Marketing . I hope to continue to build my business to help women from around Australia achieve their best health through the use of simple yet life changing tools. And in the near future my plans are to develop more programs and support for those struggling practitioners and small health focused businesses that can’t seem to get heard. In my ‘spare time’ I help run a small not for profit that runs health education projects in developing communities in Myanmar. I love God with all my heart and am excited to see what He’s going to do in the years ahead.


1. What were some of the biggest lessons that has impacted the way that you work?
One really important lesson that I’ve learnt recently is that bigger (or busier) is not necessarily better. It’s all about finding a healthy work/life balance. Big business demands so much more time, finances and stress and right now I’m a one woman show. And it’s just not worth it. Instead I need to take each step and each chapter of my journey one day at a time and enjoy exactly where I’m at and trust that God is preparing the way ahead.
2. How do you achieve work-life balance?
Work – Life balance is something that I have to be concious of all the time. To ensure this balance I make an effort to check in with my family to see how they’re going and how they feel that I’m doing. It’s important that I have that outside voice to keep me accountable. Boundaries both for my family and myself are really important too. So we all know where we stand. And we play big. When were together as a family we try and make the most of it.
3. Who is one woman who inspires you and why?
One woman that really inspires me is Heidi Baker. Her tenacity to keep going no matter the circumstances and her joy in those trials is so inspiring.

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