Resting In The Midst Of Madness

Psalms 46:10

“Be still and know that I am God.”

Do you sometimes feel so tired? Like the tired where you’re asking God is it time to go to heaven yet… because I’m ready now, kind of tired!

Of course you don’t want to end your life, but you’re ready for a 14 hour uninterrupted night’s sleep! Or a holiday…

It’s like when you’re running a marathon (or any running really) and you can see the finish line but your legs feel like lead and in your mind you’re telling them to go faster and nothing happens, lol you just keep plodding along.

Sometimes in our businesses we can be working in the daily grind of it all, working hard and overdo ourselves with appointments, late nights or trying to manage it all. And feel like we’re not getting anywhere or we can feel like our businesses are taking off and we’re overwhelmed by everything!

We encourage you, if you would like to last for the marathon of the business journey and if you’re feeling like the above, it’s time for you to stop and take some time out.

We encourage you today to pop some worship music on, lay on your bed and ask God to fill you with strength, energy and just rest in Him for the whole hour, or the amount of time you’ve given yourself with God today.

In this moment, it’s just you and God. Let Him heal you, let Him love on you, let Him fill you and let Him rest your body and be still. Everything else can wait. Be Restored!

Much love,

Team CWIB xx

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