Restoring Hope and Finding Purpose

Beverley Shoemaker  is a published blogger, resilience mentor, and Inspirational speaker. She is certified through ICISF in individual and group crisis intervention. She is certified in ASIST, Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training through LivingWorks.

Having faced serious trauma in her own life, Beverly is no stranger to adversity. After losing a husband to suicide and her son in a drunk driving crash, she wanted to give up. She battled depression and discouragement, loneliness and pain, yet she persevered and ultimately found hope. Now she seeks to share that hope with others.

Her top 5 tips:

  1.  Show Up – When Jesus sent his disciples out, He said just go, and don’t worry about the rest! Jesus has you. Go, do it, don’t worry about what other people think. 
  2. Have courage – The story of David, and the courage he had.  
  3. Give all of  yourself to God, give everything you have to it. 
  4. Build trust with your audience. Always speak in truth and a place of credibility. 
  5. Do everything with excellence. Everything you do, do with excellence. 

Her Bible verse this season:

Psalm 31:15   My life, my every moment, my destiny—it’s all in your hands.  So I know you can deliver me. from those who persecute me relentlessly.

Sj also guested on Beverly’s podcast, The Resilient Heart Podcast, you can listen to it here.

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