Silence Doubt and Fear

Within you is enormous capacity. I know this because I know your Creator. You are His workmanship, designed specifically for this historical moment. You are part of a collective legacy that will stand eternally if you would dare to believe the scriptures and what is possible with God.

Think of the great people in history who believed big and what they have achieved.  From an idea into action and hard work, they believed that somehow something could be done. So why aren’t more of us like that?

It’s the voice of doubt isn’t it? The voice in your head that says you are ugly or fat, dumb because you can’t do certain things, hopeless in relationships – that voice has endless horrible things to say to undermine and immobilise your potential.

The voice of doubt is a bully. It say’s that you’re ‘only a stay-at-home mum’ or nothing more than a failing small business owner.  Maybe it tells you nobody likes you or you’re not as smart as everyone else. It wears you down until finally you fall into the trap of believing it and give up. It’s almost impossible to break out from under its control.

It takes believing God – full stop. Believe the scriptures. Believe them in the NOW, not as if they are fairy tales or far off for you.

Surrender to God in faith and be deliberate with your actions and decision making to create a shift in your mind and life.

I remember struggling with feeling utterly useless, a failure in so many ways. I’d started businesses that had failed, I wasn’t a natural homemaker for my family, there was debt that we just couldn’t get out of – you name it, the voice of doubt was there shaming me of it all.  It was difficult to speak about openly because I would be admitting to being a failure. I kept it all inside and let the crushing feeling of smallness and lack weigh heavy in my heart.

Somehow I had allowed myself to believe the worst instead of believing God and his word and how to fix my mind on what was possible.

It took this monumental decision for me to change:

What God’s word says is true. I forsake all other thinking. I surrender all to truth. I am who He says I am. His eternal reality is more real than my temporary now.

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The decision had to be resolved within me.  What could I do to change? How could I be willing to BE more?  I had to decide to stop waiting for someone else to come along and hold my hand. It was my responsibility – all mine.

That day I started to allow myself to dream. It took me awhile to understand what made me happy. I’d spent so many years making sure everyone else was doing great that I’d lost the sense of my own life’s happiness and purpose.

The bible was my anchor and inspiration. I chose to believe every word I read. It revealed God, from the beginning of time, has a plan and I must comprehend HIS plan, not my own. It instructed that power, authority, influence, wisdom has been given, and best yet – I didn’t have to do it all by myself – the Spirit of God would teach me.  It captivated my mind and enabled me to believe what could be.

Before I had struggled to see how I would make it, now I knew I was not alone.

My future, once thought difficult and unrealistic, became a living thing in my heart.  There were dreams for my kids, ideas for businesses and service, the command to travel into nations for the sake of the gospel, the joy of helping others succeed and the powerful experience of witnessing the power of God.  My decision was made to keep moving forward, even if it got hard – He would enable and lead me to make things happen.

Miraculously, incredibly and faithfully God has taken my small steps of faith and daring and magnified them into huge dreams that keep expanding all the time.  The voice of doubt was proven a liar yet again, all things are possible for those that believe and are the called according to HIS purpose.  I was aligned with His purpose, it made all the difference.

Do not be afraid of right thinking! Do not be afraid of taking God at His word!

Read some books that will help you dream big. Pray earnestly with faith. Listen to some podcasts that inspire you. Work with a coach or mentor. God is waiting for you to rise up and dream big. Your life is important and could be the key to helping someone else’s.

To settle for small, doubtful, fearful thinking is to lose much.

Your life, your business, your dreams and goals – God wants it ALL for you.  Don’t hold onto doubts. Don’t be afraid. God is cheering you on.

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Sharryn Ludlow

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