243 Simplifying your business with God

On today’s episode, come with SJ to learn about how simplifying your business needs can be as simple as trusting in God to handle the little stresses and the overwhelming days where everything just becomes too much. Learning how to let things go until a later time can benefit you and your business under God’s watch and help you to cope with the world’s pressure on you as a business leader.

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Full Transcript:

I think as Christians and especially as Christian women in business, we can over often overcomplicate, something so simple that God has told us to do, or, we add things that we think we need to add when it’s not necessarily required. The other day I was chatting with a friend who is in business and, they’ve made a big move,, for them and their family and we were having a chat.

And, it’s often how, and we both related to this God has told us to do something or something’s happened in our lives and. We seem to take the simplification from it and make it into something bigger than I guess what it actually is. So as some of you might know, some of you might not know had quite a few big things happen this year personally myself, and one of them unfortunately was my dad passing in the uk.

And. I had to, I, it ended up being that I, my flight was actually of the day of the coronation of the new king in the uk. And so I’m like, okay, well there’s been like a few significant dates where significant things have happened, and then I’m coming back to the UK on the coronation of the king.

God, what would you like me to do? Was my first question. You know, do I need to be praying for the king? Which, you know, being English and being a Christian, you do that anyway cuz he’s got a big job. But like, do you need me to go somewhere, do something? Like how can I help? How can I serve while I’m over there in the uk?

Like, what can I do for you, God. And my friend was kind of saying, you know, how they’d made this big move and they were gonna do all these things and. Actually it’s been the simplification and drawing back to God, which has actually [00:02:00] brought some revelation. So once I kind of hit the ground in the uk, God, like, I’m like, okay, so I’m gonna be praying to God, I’m gonna doing all these things and the plane and whatever, but I actually ended up taking some sleeping tablets and was wiped out for 24 hours, which was great.

But once I landed, God just said so clearly. Actually, I just want you to be there with your mom. Like spend time with her, like be together. Like that’s it. That’s all you have to do. Cuz I’m like. We can do some videos, we can do this, we can do that.

Like I can, I was grieving heavily at the same time. Don’t get me wrong, but I was also kind of thinking of all these things in my head. That I was kind of giving myself extra things to do or extra things to worry about when I didn’t need to do that, and maybe you can relate to this. So when I got there, like all I literally had to do was spend time with my mom and just love her,  love on her.

Be with her, help her get organized. I actually hadn’t seen her for like five years which is a long time. Maybe it was six years now actually, which is a super long time. To not see your mom. So just being with her like God had given me permission in this time to just be like, not to be anyone, not to be anywhere, but just be present with my mom and just share that time together.

And it was absolutely beautiful like it was. A blessing. We both were filled, we went to the seaside on holiday. I didn’t worry about renovations or work like business or conference or anything, like just being in that time. And God blessed me so much and that simplification of that time. And I know from my friend she had the re res revelation that she just had to be where she was.

Like in her space and God required her to be there and that he would bring people to her in that space. And we’d like spent all this time in our minds like filling our minds with junk. Not necessarily junk, but just ideas and things and pressures and unnecessary, when really we didn’t have to do that at all.

We just had to simplify it. So maybe you are feeling overwhelmed. Maybe you are feeling like you’ve got. All this stuff going on you’re feeling really confused. You don’t know if you’re coming or going. Maybe it’s time for you to just simplify things. Maybe it’s time to get guard back in the center and just embrace.

The simplification that he has for you. Maybe it’s time to take some things away from your life. Maybe it’s time to strip some things back in your business. Now we’ve got This week, I know I’m not giving you much time from this podcast, but we’ve got a half year reset. And this came from me coming back from the UK and feeling a bit funky.

I was processing a lot of grief. I was trying to get back into the swing of business and things and what do we need to do and it’s tax time in Australia and all these other things. So I literally just set myself back and was like, okay. I would see some of the goals that we sent. But for this year, like didn’t even get a look in, so let’s just like do a reset.

Let’s just see where we’re at. Let’s just set some really simple goals. To get back, like, get us back on track, get me back on track, help me get, I kind of motivated back into the discipline and the habit of business. And yeah, and let’s see. Let’s see what happened. And I found like just doing that simple action was so helpful for me to get back on track that I thought maybe some other people were halfway through the year.

You know, we’ve been ploting alarm. We’ve been at it. Maybe it is time maybe others feel that they might need this time with God to just sit down, set some goals, look at where we’re going, and plan for the next year ahead, and then like start putting some actions into place for these goals. Now we do have conference coming up in September as well.

So if you can’t make this one, which is on Wednesday, the 28th of June 10:30 AM Sydney time. If you can’t make that one, then we do have conference, whoops. Which we We’ll be doing some kind of similar things. Obviously very God focused, but this is just a one-off. Let’s see how it goes. Just giving you space and time with God to simplify, to reset, to realign and then be prepared for the new financial year in Australia.

And obviously the second half of the year. So you can register for that through our website under events or if you’re part of our email list, then which is our heart mail. Then the details for this event would’ve already been sent to you in your emails. So really looking forward to that.

Really looking forward to seeing how things pan out. Conference is on the ninth and 10th of September. I’ve got some amazing speakers lined up. I’m so excited to be sharing more about the speakers and what we’ve got coming up. With conference, the countdown is officially on, but early bird tickets for that also finish on the 30th of June.

So if you are thinking of coming to conference and you do wanna take advantage of the early bird rates, then make sure you get your ticket booked in by Friday. Now we are not having an online version of the conference, but we are gonna try and record it which means the replays will be available for sale afterwards.

So that’s conference, but bringing it  back to simplification, even now, I want you to think about. What is it in your life now that you feel is maybe draining you or not quite serving you either in your life or like in your business or both? What is it that is feeling like it’s overwhelming or it’s feeling like it’s too much?

Or even just ask God, what am I doing right now? That isn’t serving you or serving me, what is it that I need to simplify and get rid of? That’s just not helpful. That’s not what you’ve asked me to do. What’s not serving others either. And just see, see what he comes back with. He might not come back with something straight away, or you might feel something in your heart straight away that you know that it is time to let go of.

So I, I challenge you with that and I keep you accountable with that and just give  that space to God. And I’m so looking forward to spending the hour together tomorrow if you can make it. And I’m just gonna open up that space and facilitate some time with God. For yourself and yeah, we’ll just see what happens.

So this one’s a short one this week, but I would love for you instead of what time you have spent listening to the podcast, just going through what it is you need to simplify what it is that it’s time to let go of and how. You can embrace the season of change and simplification. I’m SJ you are listening to Christian Women in Business and I’ll see you next time.

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