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The spaces we create are designed to help restore your soul, gain clarity, connect you with like minded women, and realign yourself & your business with God…


DATE: 9th & 10th Sept 2023

LOCATION: Surfair, Marcoola, Sunshine Coast


You can expect to find other like-minded women who get what it’s like to run businesses and have to put on that brave face each day, making the tough calls.

You can expect to connect with Jesus on a deep, intimate level, and for Him to meet you where you’re at. and strengthen you.

You can expect a balance between business topics like marketing or planning, and faith filled sessions learning how to keep God at the centre of your business…


Restore your soul with rest, intimate conversations, you don’t have to lift a finger, and time away from distractions.

A space for you to Connect with amazing like-minded women who get it, who are tired from putting on the brave face and are in need of s safe space to let their guard down, with no judgement and just relax.

Help you realignyourself with God. We create space for you to connect with Jesus in the most deepest parts of your soul, enabling you to gain clarity, healing, and have a reset so you leave your heart full of love, and direction for your business.

Other things you need to know..

None Denominational

We are not here to judge if you attend a church or not. We’re not part of any denomination, but we do care that you love Jesus with all your heart and want to embrace Him in every aspect of your life.

Introvert Friendly

We get coming to any event as an introvert can be exhausting, all our spaces are designed with the introvert in mind. Plenty of down time and space for you to go and recharge.


We try to balance practical sessions with our faith based sessions so you can have your time with God and take in great content that you can implement in your business straight away.

None networky

If the thought of networking makes you want to cringe inside, don’t worry. Our spaces are about building meaningful relationships that last a lifetime, but done in a very none networky way.

Holy Spirit guided

We know it takes a lot to get an event to run on time. But anything can happen when the Holy Spirit is running the event. Be prepared to for things to change as the events unfold.

Be with people who get you

No awkward explaining that you’re a Christian at our  spaces. Feel at ease walking into a room of faith filled Christians, knowing you can express your faith, feel safe, and know you can let your worries go and fully embrace God in the moment

Her words...

“Wow! What a spectacular retreat in so many ways. 
I can’t say enough of how grateful I am for the girls hosting our retreat in Daylesford, to Sarah-Jane and Megan. Who led us through an amazing 3 day retreat, allowing us to fully be rested, so incredibly led by the spirit into moments of rest and release where I was able to let go, find refreshment and be revived in my heart and vision. 
I have come home healed, full, expectant of what’s next but mostly completely at ease to let God do it.
I learnt how to let go and let God. Which is exactly what I needed. So much clarity has come and peace. 
Thank you once again girls for the care, support and empowerment that I received, you are an incredible blessing.
And what a privilege to make new friends and be found in a group Where we all felt so accepted and loved. 
It was above and Beyond! 
Thank you! “

“I didn’t know what I was going to be part of when I said yes to this, I just knew I had to be there.

The moment I walked into the home where the retreat was happening, I instantly felt safe and valued. No small detail was overlooked and the space that SJ and Megan made was something truly close to what I think the atmosphere of heaven feels like.

It was peaceful, joyful, warm and full of grace and love. It wasn’t a networking retreat (thank goodness), there were no role plays and it wasn’t once about how had more followers than someone else.

We were all on the same level and Jesus met all of us individually and specifically. I highly recommend investing in one of these once a year.

It’s less about doing business and more about reminding yourself why you started this business and asking Jesus to be part of it again.

You will walk away lighter, fresher, with a few tears shed, many laughs had, a belly full of chocolate and a fresh touch of God’s love upon your steps forward.”


Behind the scenes...