Earlier this year I made a conscious decision to make an effort to steward my time wisely. This thought alone was like opening up the flood gates into what was a very hectic, overscheduled life… what a journey it has been.   

Over New Year’s, my husband and I always take time together to reflect on the year that was, and what we want to achieve for the year to come. At the top of my list for 2018 is that I didn’t want to feel overwhelmed and flustered all of the time. I found myself in a constant state of overwhelm, therefore not enjoying life.

My body was also responding to this as I was often feeling short of breath and had physical aches and pains.  I knew this was not the life of abundance my heavenly Father had in mind for me. Somehow, I suspected all of this had something to do with my overscheduling my time.

Now I hear you ask, why is this so important? Well it’s as simple as this… each of us have a specific assignment here on this earth and with that comes plenty of God-opportunities each and every day. Our time plays a big role in getting it done. And I tell you, I don’t want to miss out on completing what God has specific selected for me to do!

So, all this self-realisation lead to my decision to evaluate my time and listen for Holy Spirit to guide me in the way I was to steward it. So now as we prepare for Spring I’d love to share with you the steps I have taken and what I have learnt along the way.

I wrote a list  

Despite the fact I was feeling overwhelmed, if you asked me if I was ‘doing too much’ I would have laughed and said, ‘of course not’. In my head, I figured that I had all the capacity in the world to do whatever I needed to. Until I realised everything filling my schedule necessarily ‘need’ to be there.

Once I sat and wrote a list of everything I had to do in an average week I was shocked at just how much I had on. I couldn’t remember when or how it became so much. Looking at that list put it into perspective why my body was running out of steam. 

Start praying and stop arguing

So, I started praying. Half expecting God to pat me on the head and say, ‘good work Em, just have a couple more coffee’s and you’ll be right’. Funny enough… He didn’t.

Instead, as I asked God ‘what is it You want me to do’, and what do you want me to fill my time with, He showed me items I needed to start crossing off the list.

And because I’m such a good girl… I said YES straight away! Haha… ok no, I argued. I argued for a few months on some of them!

However, as I let go of some of the ‘easier to say goodbye to’ commitments, I realised that if I could trust God with these decisions, surely, He’d have my back for the others.

And so, God revealed to me what I should step away from, I took a deep breathe, and I did.

And one by one the life, the purpose, and the priorities HE had for me became clear once again.



God paved the way

As I mentioned some of the commitments I had where so dear to my heart that I struggled to see God’s purpose in asking me to leave them. So, I changed the way I was praying.

I started asking that if I was to step out, that He would bring about the right solution for those involved as well as prepare the hearts of those it would impact.  And you know what, in every single occasion (and there were a few), He did!

Can I reassure you, we serve a good God, if he asks you to step out of your comfort zone, for whatever reason, you can fully trust that he will be there for you and for those around you on the other side of that faith step.

Enjoy the fruit of your obedience

While it was hard in the process… the outcome has been so worth it.

I have felt the change, as has my husband and kids. It has given me breathing room back into my life I so desperately needed plus, God has shown me so much about myself through this process and drawn me closer to Him. He has been the one to align my priorities, and I have discovered the supernatural power in that. 


What works today, this week, this month or even this year, may not work the following. Our lives are forever evolving and changing. That is why we need to be so sensitive to the Holy Spirit to guide us along the way.

Everything I found myself closing this year were all things I loved and cherished in my world – after all I did say yes to them to begin with. But I must be obedient and respond to the fact that they just may not be the place God has me in this season.  

If I can leave you with just one thought it would be this:

We can’t continue to do everything we have ever said yes to and just keep adding more and more to it all the time. We must be prepared that our list will change. Everything I am doing now, I may not be in another 6 or 12mths time, and some of these amazing opportunities I have said no to this year just might pop up again at a later date and I will be able to say yes again. 

Once I grasped this revelation, it became easier to let go and trust God to bring things back around in His perfect timing.

So why not take the opportunity to SPRING CLEAN your schedule? Write out everything you do and prayerfully consider if it is where God has you right now, and act!  

We are all blessed with the same number of hours in a day, let’s use them wisely to the Glory of God!

Be Blessed♥

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