Taking a SIP of Tea with Jesus in Business

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In this week’s podcast, we have Chelley Antonczak, a motivational speaker, trainer, success coach and founder and CEO of Chelley Antonczak & Associates.  She helps female professionals stop overwhelm to achieve success, with a proven faith-based, rapid-results approach. 

Her 5 Top Tips:

  1. Create choice awareness – What is success to you? What do you want and why do you want it? 
  2. Create clarity – Take a look at what problem can you help other people with. Be Still – Psalm 46:10, Trust God, Proverbs 3:5, Find peace beyond belief, Let God restore your soul.  
  3. Create Confidence and Courage – Creating confidence isn’t enough if we don’t do something with it. So have the courage to take action. 
  4. Create Connections – Provide connection opportunity for yourself and for your clients. 
  5. Create Collaboration – Find people who share the same values as you and find those people who you can team up with for the bigger mission. 

SIP – Strong Vision, Intentional Focus, Purposeful Action Plan – Comes from Psalm 34:8 

Her Bible verse for this season:

Psalm 62: 1-8 The Passion Translation
To the Pure and Shining One
King David’s melody of love’s celebration[a]
I stand silently to listen for the one I love,
waiting as long as it takes for the Lord to rescue me.
For God alone has become my Savior.
He alone is my safe place;
his wrap-around presence always protects me.
For he is my champion defender;
there’s no risk of failure with God.
So why would I let worry paralyze me,
even when troubles multiply around me?
But look at these who want me dead,
shouting their vicious threats at me!
The moment they discover my weakness
they all begin plotting to take me down.
Liars, hypocrites, with nothing good to say.
All of their energies are spent
on moving me from this exalted place.
Pause in his presence
I am standing in absolute stillness, silent before the one I love,
waiting as long as it takes for him to rescue me.
Only God is my Savior, and he will not fail me.
For he alone is my safe place.
His wrap-around presence always protects me
as my champion defender.
There’s no risk of failure with God!
So why would I let worry paralyze me,
even when troubles multiply around me?
God’s glory is all around me!
His wrap-around presence is all I need,
for the Lord is my Savior, my hero, and my life-giving strength.
Join me, everyone! Trust only in God every moment!
Tell him all your troubles and pour out your heart-longings to him.
Believe me when I tell you—he will help you!
Pause in his presence

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