The Revolving Door of the Christian Retail Market

“Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.” Philippians 2:4         

Christianity in today’s world has two facets. One is to help you to heal; and the other is to help you, to help others heal. Interestingly enough, they can work side by side in a caring environment.

Firstly, healing is the very basis that helps a person to be strong and healthy in both the bodily functions and the spiritual functions, of her everyday existence.  Without your healing, you will struggle to help others with the clear objective of doing just that for God.

When you have established that you are on the road to recovery, and the Lord is giving you the confidence to move forward, it then becomes a question of asking God what is your purpose and why do you have this yearning to help Him so much? What was the purpose of you going through everything that has happened in your life since childhood which you could possibly use to help others? Can you move forward and grasp what it is the Lord wants you to do with your testimony and confidence and be sure you will not leave people abandoned.

The Christian retail environment is the same. It starts with you, and ends with others being blessed continuously as you walk through that revolving door, in order to help someone grow in the Lord.

Imagine you are standing at this revolving door that is surrounded by glass windows. You have been busy creating and gathering your products and Christian material to support the growth of your customers. You’re ready to enter through the door, so you step forward to see what happens. As the door opens, people can see you through the windows. They open the windows and start buying your products. As you sell these products, you are building a foundation based on connecting with those customers, everything you have experienced in the past and what the Lord is currently showing you. It should greatly nourish the souls of everyone you meet. Many people will get to know the Lord and be encouraged by Him and you will get to fulfill your purpose.

If you are doing it correctly, the people that become your customers will want to come back and learn more about the ways of the Lord as they connect. They should at this point be realizing that the peace and wisdom the Lord is offering them, is within reach, and will help them in their daily walk.

So, as you are feeding them with the word of God, what’s happening is the Lord is doing a great works in their life. As they grasp this event, they hopefully will want to pay it forward, walk through the door with you, come out stronger than before and be ready to help others through what they have learnt by God.

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Whatever you have to offer, it might be Christian reading material, a service, jewelry or a toy. As long as the motive behind it ends with the customer getting to know the Lord, and continually wanting to learn more about him as He enriches their life. It should then be humbling for you as you watch people’s lives transform into something beautiful. It should never be because you want to boast about what you have achieved. But because it is what you have always wanted – to be a vessel for the Lord, and to enrich other people’s lives through Him.

There are many ways to earn money. You can do it to feed yourself and your family. Feeding your family and not holding it back from them, is so important so they get to flourish as well.

Also, and this is a biggy!

The Lord is very interested in what is happening inside your heart. So, before you start any business you must examine your motive. Ask yourself, is it for selfish reasons or is it to help others flourish. Once you have grasped the reality of that question and brought your concerns to the Lord. Then the vision and mission you have been given can begin to grow.

What you must also be aware of, is how you are making things grow. Is it with a heavy heart or an eager one? Is it biblically based? Does it follow within the words of the Lord and his commandments and lifestyle for your life? Will you be strong enough to fulfill this purpose driven life? Are you seeing the positive in what is happening even when things are not going your way? Do you have the patience to overcome the obstacles that may block you without dramatizing your situation? Focusing on the good and especially the ‘word’ is, really important as to how your end results are going to be.

Being happy with helping the Lord every day and enjoying it until the Lord brings you home will be an amazing place to be in the end. So, move forward graciously and wait on the Lord. Connect with Him through the Holy Spirit by asking those questions that you need to ask and waiting for the answers to arrive. No matter how long it takes. The road is a blessed one, and you are anointed to go along that road together with the Lord, as He shows you which way to go.

Stay strong in your faith, read your bible daily. It will give you the answers to all of your questions so you can focus and be the great person the Lord wants you to be.

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Stephanie Mammarella

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