We are all built to live a life that is bigger than ourselves. We are built to have relationships, to love
and to be loved. We are amazingly lucky that we get this from our great God.

The bonus is when we have a tribe around us. A group of people who have your back no matter
what. Who are there to cheer you on as you venture into something new and exciting, while
grieving the old as it passes away. People who will tell you the truth, with love and grace. People
who you know you can be yourself with, 100% of the time, whether that be when you are on top of
the world or in the biggest pit. People who just get you.

My tribe has evolved over the last few years, and people that I thought would be in it forever no
longer are, and those that were only an acquaintance a few years ago are now people who I really
couldn’t do life without.

For me, these are people who push me to be the person that God has made me to be. They
encourage me to step up and step outside my comfort zone and into my destiny.

They are also people who catch me when things are hard, and there are often tricky days in my life with a lot of balls up in the air. They are there to listen to me vent my frustrations, to offer
suggestions and often simply hold space for me to feel what I need to feel. Most importantly, they are there to pray with me and ask our great God for the things that only He can bring about.

As I asked the key people in my tribe what it was they appreciated about having this select group of
people around them, much of what I’ve listed above was repeated. They reminded me that it can be practical things too, a cooked meal along with a box of Panadol delivered to your door when you can’t move from the couch. It’s the people who are happy to see you when you walk through the door at an event and will absolutely include you in what they are doing.

One surprising thing for me, is the extended tribe that has come about through being a member of
Christian Women in Business. It’s been a joy to get to know women from all over the world, to help encourage them, to learn about their goals and dreams and support them in how they are following God’s vision that He has set out for them. I pray that this only continues to be abundant as we forge on into the new year.

I’d love to know what the important things in a tribe are for you?

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