The Wilderness Doesn’t Own You

I received a message from my business bestie last week: “You need to pray… Pray about your business… What God wants you to do with it. How to move it forward.” The message came at such an inconvenient time… I was busy watching a movie series (yes, I was avoiding life and watching movies instead of doing my work!).

I was halfway through the 3rd and last movie, but I felt there was a Holy Spirit urgency in that moment, and I felt the weight of that choice I had to make right then. Do I put God off, or do I obey and pray? I’m not too proud to say that I did consider this choice for a few minutes!!

Deciding that I would be better off to be obedient and pray, I paused my movie… but decided I first needed a cuppa. I didn’t even reach the kitchen before I received a word from God! You know, there is just something that is super beautiful in being obedient to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. In this case, it was the beginning of a complete transformation in my life.

“The Wilderness doesn’t own you.”

The word from God sank deep into my spirit, fast, and I held onto it quickly. The wilderness doesn’t own me!

I’ve been feeling like I have been wandering around, with an aimlessness to me. God is providing for me and taking care of me, but I have been struggling to move forward, and during a recent sermon on spiritual seasons, I couldn’t pinpoint which season I am in. Life has been super tough the last couple of years, I’ve been struggling to get answers out of God and I have literally been walking in faith (mostly) that God will sustain me and that he has the plan for me. All at once, I realised this was the wilderness. I’d been faithfully waiting in the corridor for the next door to open, and boy was I feeling it, and getting a little impatient and frustrated… seems he had some work to do first.

As I sat and pondered the current wilderness season I was in, I was reminded that I had ordered a retreat box from Arise Sanctuary a few months before hand, but had never found the time to sit down and do the online retreat. I had a box of goodies that also contained some prophetic words, which I felt an urgency to go and open.  I just need to say, God’s timing is amazing, it is just so beautiful and perfect.

That first prophetic word packed a punch!

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To give you a brief overview, my prophetic word was basically giving me permission to take some time and space to process and GRIEVE to past season. I realised with everything I had been through, by just trying to survive the heartache, from the loss of my support network through to questioning my belief system and all that I had been taught; I hadn’t taken the time to grieve. I hadn’t taken the time to truly process what had happened, but also to see how God was working beautifully through the loss, the heartache, the questioning (and my hiding).

It took a few days before I sat down with God, ready to start the grieving process. Which, in fact, was God’s healing process. Through handing over all my heartache, the loss, the emotions and the way I was treated, it ended up being a time of revelation and a time of restoration – and it was so beautiful.

The last part of this wilderness experience was whilst I was driving to a meeting over an hour away, with a potential major client for my beanbag business. I was prompted to pray, as I usually am when I’m driving alone, I turned the radio off and I started praying. Then I received a song in my spirit and I sang away… sang about the goodness of God over and over and over, and by the time I got to my meeting the wilderness had broken. I was then free to step through that new doorway, into my next season.

Isn’t God so good!

Beautiful lady, if you are reading this and you are feeling like you are stuck in the wilderness between seasons, I feel that this word is for you – The Wilderness Doesn’t Own You. I pray that God will reveal his plans and his purpose to you, and If you are stuck between seasons (like I was) then I pray that he will provide you with the most beautiful space and opportunities to process your past season, with the time to grieve your past season with Him, and that you too will have a supernatural breakthrough to allow you to walk confidently into your next season of life.

“The Lord bless you, and keep you;
the Lord make his face shine on you
and be gracious to you;
the Lord turn his face toward you
and give you peace.”
Numbers 6:24-26

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