There is Power in the Word

Abraham was the father of many nations. From his seed, from his own son, the entire Hebrew nation was born. Even Christ came through Abraham’s seed. And yet, in their old age, Abraham and his wife were childless. God had promised a son and he hadn’t come.

Despite this, Abraham considered not his body, nor the deadness of Sarah’s womb.1

Yet these were the facts.

So, why did he have faith in something he could not see? Why and how could he ignore something so real, so tangible and believe in something so impossible?

On more than one occasion God spoke to Abraham and reminded him of the promise that He had made to him. Abraham held onto this word.

And being fully persuaded that what God had promised, He was capable to perform.’1

This was Abraham’s key to unlocking the promises of God.

Today we may not experience God in the same way that Abraham did. And sometimes it seems more difficult to know what God wants for us. And yet, today the Word says that the Spirit of God dwells in us! And the Word of God was not only made flesh but it has become a living two edged sword!2

How can we place our faith in things that we cannot see, in situations that seem impossible and see Gods promises come to fruition?  Just like Abraham did.

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Know what the Word says about you.

Sometimes this can be as simple as finding a scripture that speaks into your situation. This is a great starting point, but more often than not, it’s important that you know what God is saying to you right now, for this time. This sometimes requires more time and a little bit of patience.

Jesus promised that the Spirit of Truth, the Helper, the Holy Spirit will come. He will guide us in all truth and teach us all things.3 He promised that if we asked for wisdom that He would give it freely.4 Remember that the same Spirit dwells in us!

Just as Abraham stood on the word that God had given him, you can too.

Now you have your word, it is time to use it as a living two edged sword.

Romans 4 speaks of Abraham and says, ‘Who against hope believed in hope, and called those things which are not as though they were.’1 It is time to call those things as they are. As God promised you that they would be. This does not meant to deny reality nor the world around us, but as Abraham considered not his body, so too can you. Consider not the whispers of a declining economy, nor the drying up of leads nor the fear of failure.

This instead, is a time to stand on HIS promises, no matter what the facts say.

For God is able to do anything. More than we can even imagine.5

So, are you fully persuaded?


1 Romans 4: 16-21

2 John 1:14, Hebrews 4:12

3 John 14:26, 16:13

4 James 1:5

5 Ephesians 3:20

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