Top 5 Things to Automate in Your Business

In this weeks podcast we have our Founder Sarah-Jane Meeson sharing about how her second business the Automation Girl came about and how it was a vital income stream to fund Christian Women in Business.

SJ also shares with you her Top 5 Things To Automate in your business and goes through the questions she would normally ask our guests. 

Top 5 tips of craft:

  1. Automate schedule through online calendars
  2. Automate your payments
  3. Automate what happens when someone buys
  4. Set up automated reminders
  5. Automate your sales funnel

You can find more details of the 5 things to automate in your business here >>.

Bible verse for this season: 

Romans 8 – SJ is studying all about sonship and what that means with how we go about daily lives and business.

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