Turn Your Chooser To ‘Possible’

Are you in debt and is it growing uncontrollably? Are you finding it difficult to make ends meet? Do you have dreams that are not reached due to a lack of finance? Or maybe you want more money like myself, to benefit your family, friends and your community.

Today, I’d like to encourage your to turn your chooser to “possible”.  Don’t let debt restrict you any longer! Often debt can restrict us and what we’re wanting to do. I am passionate about continuing to break through for us as a family and continue to help other people like yourself do that as well.

There was a teacher at school asking her class, “What would you like to be when you grow up?” One by one, they went around the class. When they finally got to this young boy, he said, “I just want to be ‘possible’.” She said, “What do you mean, you want to be ‘possible’?” He said, “Well, my mom always tells me I’m ‘impossible,’ so when I grow up, I just want to be ‘possible’.”  You know, that young boy lives inside of us. So many times we’ve told ourself, or other people have told us, what you’re wanting or dreaming about is not possible. I want to encourage you, it is possible.

Quite a few years ago, we had a speaker, Peter Daniels, come to a community event that I’d organized. We had dinner with him before the meeting. We waited and waited and my son was a bit late turning up, but when he got there I said, “Peter, this is my youngest son,” and I introduced him. Peter Daniels said to him, “You look like a young man with lots of promise.” My son replied and said, “I hope so.” Peter Daniels looked right at him and said, “If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right!”

When we went into ministry back in 1990, I had the mindset that as a pastor’s wife I couldn’t pursue wealth creation. It wasn’t until 2001 we went to a pastor’s conference where Bob Harrison (aka. Dr. Increase) spoke and encourgaed us that spirituality and wealth creation CAN co-exist.

This revelation was just the answer I was seeking to pull us out of the really tight financial position. What’s the revelation you need to breakthrough your mindset and bring freedom for you to pursue your financial future?

I just want to encourage you today, you can choose what you think about and the scripture in Mark 9:23 confirms it by saying, “All things are possible when you believe.” All things are possible when you believe and I encourage you to turn your chooser to “possible.”

Today’s reading:

“Jesus said to him, ‘If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.’”

Mark 9:23 NKJV

Mindset to move: All things are possible when I believe

Ask yourself: What is one current mindset about finance that needs to be broken in my thought life?

2019 is a year of new horizons and fresh possibilities.

“Dare to be possible” Be a can do women!

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Janet Grace Schier

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