Unashamed Faith

In this podcast, Nik Marie shares her story – despite all of her obstacles, her tragedies, and the valleys she has walked through, brings you along as she has given her life to Christ and shares her testimony. She is a woman of Unashamed Faith whose mission is to help others experience breakthrough and freedom through Christ. Have a listen and be moved by her inspiring message.

Her top 5 tips:

  1. Press in – Press into God, press into your friends, avoid isolation.
  2. Read your bible – The opportunity to learn about God and His character is right in the bible.
  3. Journal when you can – we have the perfect journal for you here… Get the thoughts out of your head onto paper, it will help to get the stuff out of your head.
  4. Seek counsel – Have wise counsel in your life. Seek great people to be around. Find someone that will seek life into you.
  5. Rest!!!!!!

Her Bible verse for this season:

John 3:30 NIV
He must become greater; I must become less.

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