We All Learn From Our Mistakes

Maybe you are sitting there and wondering how you are going to fix the mistakes that you have made to yesterday?

Maybe, like me, you are sitting there, feeling exhausted and defeated and wondering how you are going to make it through?

Maybe you know you should apologise for the way you spoke, or the decision you made, or the deadline you didn’t meet, or for whatever it happens to be for you.

The thing is, that without mistakes, we don’t learn. Sure, there’s consequences for our choices. Sometimes big ones.

Ultimately though, we have the opportunity to apologise, to admit that we were wrong, that we didn’t hold up our end of the bargain. That we are fallible. That we don’t always get things right.

Maybe for you today it’s about more than letting a person down. Maybe you feel like you have let God down.

We have this great opportunity to stop and ask for His forgiveness. We have the opportunity to repent and seek Him through all the feelings of hurt, and disappointment, and feeling not good enough.

Are you seeking an audience with the King tonight, so that He can show you what you need to learn from your mistakes?

And on that note, I think that might be exactly what I’m off to do.

Much love
Team CWIB xx

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