Who Is The Holy Spirit To You?

Maybe the word spirit seems spooky, and is an ‘I don’t fully understand and I won’t go there’ zone. You don’t quite connect, or you seem a little frightened of what getting closer might be like. 

So, what does living with the Holy Spirit actually look like?

He is a part of the Trinity, the God head, three in one. The Father God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is Himself a very essential part of our being.  He is essentially and according to the words of Jesus a huge, huge, part of God’s plan for us and our future. 

In John 14:16 Jesus says: And I will ask the Father and He will give you another Comforter (Counsellor, Helper, Intercessor, Advocate, Strengthener and Standby) that He may remain with you forever-The Spirit of Truth, Whom the world cannot receive because He is unrecognisable to those that don’t know Him.

When you accept Jesus and the Holy Spirit. He comes into your life and heart. He doesn’t just settle in your heart and sit there. He was sent to help you transform from the inside out. He is already working in you. If you have accepted Jesus, then you have accepted the Holy Spirit as well.

In Ephesians 5:18 Paul says to not be filled with drink but be filled with spirit. 

He is saying you may, feel bold and courageous with the wine BUT (there’s a but!)  be filled with the spirit of a different kind. The Holy Spirit.

In John 14 above, Jesus explained what the spirit can do for you. That He will be there for you, just like He is.

In John 16, Jesus goes on to say how the Holy Spirit (the Truth-giving Spirit) will guide you into all the Truth. He will not speak His own message, but He will tell whatever He hears from the Father.

In Galatians 5: 22, Paul explains exactly what is in you. As you have accepted Jesus and the Holy Spirit, you are now part of the Godhead. Along with this you have also been given a free will and God’s plan for your life.

The Holy Spirit’s gifts are His fruits bestowed by The Father to Jesus to the Holy Spirit then to us. He will bestow love, joy, peace, faithfulness, goodness, patience, and self-control to all those who believe. It will make your day a whole lot easier!

You don’t pick and choose which ones you want to use and the ones you don’t want to use, like for instance patience! All the fruits of the Spirit, are the evidence of the Holistic package that says we are to use all of these emotional attributes in our everyday walk, as a way of being and living with the Holy Spirit in us.

Every morning you could call on the Holy Spirit as your friend, power up and talk to Him. Just a simple question like ‘How can I help someone today Holy Spirit?’ is a good start. Once you start to connect more and more you will find the He will start to give you more fruits to go about your day.  

So, as we grow them and nurture them. That ‘still small voice’ will come, and from there, your decision making will be prompted to use your fruits, or to walk away. The final decision is yours.

Enjoy your week ladies. Love to All.

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Stephanie Mammarella

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