Their words can hurt but it’s how you handle it that counts

Confidence is something we all desire. I hear it talked about a lot, particularly from women, who usually say they wish they were more confident.

But if I was to ask some people that knew you, I’d most likely hear: “oh she is fabulous, I wish I had her confidence to do that”.

Weird isn’t it? That our own self perception affects our judgement. So we open ourselves to the impact of others words or opinions.

A lady shared with me about this exact situation.

She’d been so excited about her business idea to help other women.

She was sharing it with some people she thought would be encouraging. They were Pastors. She thought they of ALL people would encourage her to believe for big things. Instead they spoke without real thought, some careless words that wounded her deeply.

I felt for her, I know from experience how this can effect you. A similar experience meant I held myself back for years. I’d let words affect me and undermine my confidence.

Until the realisation dawned that I had given them the power to effect me that way. 

This explained to me why Jesus said watch out to the ones who get offended. He was saying offences are going to come, how are you going to handle it?

Well, this lady didn’t let the offence stay for long.

She took charge of her mind and emotions, and re-established her confidence.

It was such a lovely story of strength and growth.

No matter what your circumstance today is your time to let go. To allow confidence be your shield against those words that come to destroy your day.

Create a personal growth plan that is very intentional about your inner maturity. Build day by day on your confidence so it becomes so rock solid it will be hard to shake.

Because we all know – WHO you ARE shows up in EVERYTHING you DO.

It’s the INNER GAME where you win those battles.

Develop your confidence and faith in the God you love and serve. And be deliberate to add things into your life that bring you to deeper wisdom and maturity.

So to get what you want, to achieve what you want, to be strong and influence others you need to up your game. Grow YOU.

As you grow in strength and confidence, you will influence and impact others.

And one thing I know, you already have it within you – and this journey of life of growth and faith never ends. You must always be adding to yourself to become your best.

So here are some things to challenge yourself with:

  • What are you reading? Are you implementing what you’re reading?
  • Is there a great podcast that you’re listening to? Do you reflect on what you heard?
  • Are you spending time around people that inspire you to think bigger than you do?
  • Are you writing things down, as ideas come to you, as God speaks?

Journal your answers these questions (answer them daily/weekly/monthly):

  1. what am I best at?
  2. how do I become best at it?
  3. who do I best serve?
  4. what did I read?
  5. what did I see?
  6. what did I do?
  7. what can I be better at?
  8. what did I say?
  9. what did I not do?

Confidence builds through action and experience. It embraces all our learning, faith, attitudes and commitment. It touches all areas of our life.

Your inner strength will grow with prayerful reflection and implementation. You’ll have more confidence to handle those times of offence or fear.

The inner work will shine on the outside and you’ll have even more capacity to make a difference in the world.

Blog Author

Sharryn Ludlow

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