You Cannot Run a Business with Dry Bones

You can’t run a business with dry bones.

It is God that brings about the nourishment of the bones in Ezekiel’s prophesy.
It’s not us that brings that about, or hard work, or working 6 days 23 hours a day and falling in a heap on the day that is supposed to be your day of rest in the Lord.

It is God that brings about restoration, that brings the life to the dry bones.

Are you trying to run a business, a family, a life with dry bones?

Take heart dear one, it is God that can restore you to your full self. It is God that can heal you in ways that you never thought possible. It is God that can redeem you when it all feels too hard.

Lean in to Him. Allow Him to restore and renew you.

Much love
Team CWIB xx

(read the prophesy God gives Ezekiel here

This beautiful image is from the amazing Canary Lettering

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