236 Self-care fatigue & Jesus

Are you struggling with self-care fatigue? Something that intrigued me the other day.

After self-care being preached across all platforms from all different people over the past couple of years, does all the “self-care” we think we need to be doing, in fact, cause us more stress? Is it just another “thing” we must add to our “to-do” list? Another “thing” to feel bad about because we didn’t get it right or find time for it. Is self-care biblical?

For me, rather than calling it “self-care”, I like to think I pop things into my week/month/year that fill me with energy to help keep me going. Not something I have to get “right” every day. Or causes me more stress. But allows me to step out of myself, my mind. That allows my subconscious to process what’s happening at the time, and to be thinking of nothing else, but what’s in the moment and Jesus.

I can’t tell you, how many times I’ve stepped around from the daily “doing” and Jesus has met me in the most beautiful ways.

So take a listen/watch below, and email me back with what lights you up.

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